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    OK so the other day when me and young son had to stay at a hotel en route to one of his appointments? Me and son parked my lil bug, went into hotel, checked in, settled in.....then looked out window, (at airplanes at OHare)
    we looked down and there was our car, our lil bug.....parked side by side identical lil bug, VERY close together, side by side. at the <gasp> HOTEL!
    so I said to my son, well dude, lookit that, the bug musta had a secret hotel rendezvous!
    in the morning my bug was alone in the cold gray dawn. :-( awwww well, at least till we got back in it and expressed our fondness for it. LOL

    So tonite, I had stuck so hard to my extreme diet (see thread on healthy living) and my FAV thing is to go out to eat and I have NOT gone out to tonite husband took me out for baked fish.....and we parked my lil bug and started to go in and as we walked in, I turned and looked to find.......another identical bug snuggled up next to mine! I said oh look dear, my bug has a dinner date!
    Came home giggling, told difficult child my bug is a flirt. She asked why. I told her. She said no, mom, I am afraid your bug might be a ho. ACK!!!!!!! She said well, mom-----it could not have possibly known the bug it stayed all nite with before, cuz how could it? and it spent the nite with THAT one.....

    Hmmm.......I wonder......any possibility my bug might make baby bugs? perhaps for my kids to drive when they get THEIR licenses?
  2. PonyGirl

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    Just too cute!! I have a lil Rav, and sometimes we see lots of other lil Ravs around in the same parking lot, but never side by side, and never twice!!
  3. Shari

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    Dreamer, are you feeling ok? lol j/k

    Cute story, tho.
  4. Hound dog

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    Too cute. Hey, I wonder what the odds are in that??
  5. Big Bad Kitty

    Big Bad Kitty lolcat

    Wooohooo I think yer Slug Bug has a secret admirer!
  6. Abbey

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    That is TOO funny.

    I love Bugs. I wish I could have one,

    Funny thing is I had a grey Sante Fe for years. It got dinged several years ago and I never had it repaired because there are thousands of them in my city. It's the only way I knew which one was mine.

    I'd LOVE a BUG!!

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    mymymy what will the neighbors think of your premiscious bug?

    when i had my grand cherokee i had the luck of having 4 others just like it in my town...and the better luck of having one park next to me while i was inside shopping at food lion...
    needless to say the gentelman dozing in his while waiting for his wife ,was amused when i opened the back door and put my groceries inside .
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    I have a friend at work who drives a bronze Astro van and there are hundreds of them just like it out there. She once took her elderly (but feisty) mother to the doctor and stopped at the drugstore to pick up her prescriptions. She went in while her mom waited in the van. It took longer than she thought and when she came out she didn't see her mother in the van! She started to panic and she was really scared thinking her mother might have wandered off like she sometimes did. She jerked the van door open, climbed in, started looking all around in the back seats, imagining all the horrible things that could have happened to her mom. Then, she glanced out the passenger side window ... and saw ANOTHER bronze Astro van exactly like the one she was in, except that this other one had her mother in it! Of course, her mother had been sitting there watching her the whole time and was laughing hysterically at her "performance". While she was in the store, another identical van had pulled in right next to hers, completely blocking her van from view. She was just so glad that the van's owners hadn't come out while she was climbing through their vehicle frantically looking for her mother!
  9. dreamer

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    Oh I LOVE my bug. I think we had a thread previously about cars....
    I did drive a bright red DUrango, how I love my Durango. Needed something to fit 3 kids, and 2 mobility scooters in, test drove vans, did not like them. my durango caught my eye one day while I was out, and I U turned in and test drove it and fell in love. There is another one now like it across the street and recently husband started hollering in middle of nite, seems someone was trying to repo MY DUrango.....and they were NOT beleiving me when I yelled ours was long since paid for. what a scary nite! I love my durango. BUT I have always wanted a slug bug, all my life. Last fall I saw one here used for sale.....and easy child had just begun driving. (we also have a Jeep wrangler, which I also love, but husband drives that) I got my stick shift slug bug, and I swear it has already paid for itself in what it uses in gas compared to what my durango uses, plus I wanted to reduce the miles put on my durango to extend it's life cuz I will never be able to replace my precious durango. The sillier thing is the other bugs are all the same color as mine, so it is even MORE striking when that happens, it just really gives me the giggles so hard. Reminds me of the Love Bug movies, LOL or Cars. And it makes my kids just ROFL. Yes, I love my slug bug, but I do also still love my DUrango. I love the stick shift......(on the slug bug) and in my opinion it really was just too funny to have those 2 things occur in just less than a week. ANd at the locations it happened, might not have struck me quite so funny if it had been at sya a mall or the grocery store, but a hotel and a restaurant? Just too much, LOL
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    I love my Explorer and am really proud to say that all the look-alike Explorers (and there were alot of beige ones in this town) have moved on and I never see another one like mine. That's the first thing I have found positive about living in an "expendible society".

    For you guys living with lots of impostors :confused: maybe it is time to get one of those tacky big plastic flowers to go on the antennae! :flower::bigsmile: DDD
  11. dreamer

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    My DUrango has disabled vet plates and so does my bug and our jeep- and they all also have on base permits on front windows, so that helps us some, in KNOIWNG at a quick glance which are ours. LOL. Then I have smiley window stickees on the DUrango, in the windows and a smiley antennae topper...and a CB antennae...
    The promiscuos lil blue bug has something most of the ones around here does not have- a rear spoiler. (SO fun!) and it has little interior decorating wall stencils (removeable) of butterflies, flowers, bees, dragonflies----and we change the flowers in the vase per season and holidays etc, LOL. Oh the Durango also has 3 little baby Furbies on the dash (to keep me company when I would drive alone) The Jeep in between the military and Marine COrps decals etc also has.......Tinkerbeell.....becuz easy child loves Tink. LOL. What a combo- Marine Corps plus Tink? We used to call the durango the fire truck cuz it is so red.

    I am STILL giggling about my bugs "dates" JUst too funny...I parked first in both cases, so the other bugs chose to park next to us. When parked, when me and son looked out 3rd floor hotel window, the 2 bugs were faceing the arrriving and departing airplanes, just like I look when I sit there and watch them, and they were parked with their front ends slightly tipped closer together, as if they had set their heads together to watch the planes, ROFL!
    WHen the bugs were at the restaurant here, the restaurant is on a corner here in town, and the bugs were both parked in the corner overlooking the center of towns main iinteresction, as if they might be thinking of trying to dash kitty corner across the intersection by the stoplight. When I got the bug, I told the kids it so much reminded me of another kid.....and now here it is acting like one, LOL. AH young love? Yeesh, just too silly/funny. So amuseing. I am SO glad my kids have the kinds of sense of humor that they do. They do engage in the silliness with me. LOL.
  12. DammitJanet

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    I have to admit I have got in a few cars I thought were mine...until I realized they were cleaner than

    The funniest experience didnt happen to me but I watched it happen. A friend and I were in this little restaurant having lunch one day while working. We noticed this commotion going on outside as several elderly women kept trying to get into their blue Impala. Nothing was working...the keys wouldnt open the doors. They came in to call a locksmith when suddenly someone noticed there was an identical blue Impala in the parking What was even odder was that these were like 1979 model cars...not new at all.
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