Silly or Stupid Eyeglass Story..

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DDD, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. DDD

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    Yesterday I had my eyes checked by my specialist and my vision has changed for the worse in my right eye only. He wrote an Rx and suggested if my frames were good that I should just get the right lens replaced. Interesting....and cheaper, yeah!

    Today I go to the express vision store where you can wait and the woman carefully entered the Rx #'s in their computer and sent both my reading glasses and my driving glasses to get upgraded. In less than thirty minutes she comes back with both pair and I head off to work. less than a half block I realize there is something wrong. Hmmm? Don't know what it is but I turn around and go back.

    Guess what it was? My driving glasses have transition lenses. They didn't "notice" and put a clear lens in the right. Geez Louise they didn't "notice"??? The end of the story is that I had to buy a clear lens for the left side because TA DA my "transition color is no longer available". It's not the end of the world but how stupid is that? Maybe I just don't recognize "silly" mistakes as "silly" anymore. DDD
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    I wish I could find a place that would do that but I'm sure there isn't one around here. I desperately need new glasses but I really like the frames I have now and they still fit perfectly. But I couldn't do without them long enough to have them sent off for new lenses to be put in. Is that how they do it? And just getting new lenses will be a stretch for me financially. I wonder if they just can order new lenses and the optomitrist puts them in the frames?
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    Silly isn't silly when it comes to actually getting what you paid to receive.

    I get annoyed rather easily anymore. It seems as if more and more people are half ***ing their jobs and making such ridiculous *mistakes*.

    on the other hand I never fail to notice when someone does their job the way it is supposed to be done from a bagger to the person at the phone company who doesn't make me jump through hoops to have a simple question answered. I let them know I appreciate it too. They don't have to bend over backward.........just do what you're supposed to do. ugh
  4. DDD

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    Donna, I didn't know it could be done "while you wait". Obviously I am not trying to get business for least not yet, lol, but it is a national chain called Eye Express. They have an Optometrist in their store but I had an Rx from my Opthomologist that I gave to them. It only cost $39 per lens and it was done in thirty minutes. My frames are plastic and I like them so it was great not to have to get full replacement glasses. They have a lab on site, of course. Good luck. DDD
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    Most large cities have a place like Eye Express that can make even complex glasses in an hour or so. I order mine online because I can afford them that way. With the kids it is usually cheaper to wait for the Eye Express type places to have a sale. After that I order them online for the kids, usually about $20 shipped.

    The Express type places can do mine in an hour. I have a very high power, and need no line bifocals and have radically different astigmatism and strengths in each eye. But they always say it isn't a problem. I still buy online because it is under $100 substantially to get them that way. The sales at the express places have yet to be under $300 for mine once they tack on the fees for the various high power, blah blah blah.

    But most eye express one hour places should be able to do the lenses in an hour for any existing frames. Even for new lenses at places that take longer, I don't know that you have to send the frames.