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So in general I sleep pretty well.... but in times like this where I dont know where my son is and what is going on it is harder. I can usually get to sleep but then wake up in the night and have trouble getting back to sleep.

I was talking to a friend and she told me of a mental trick she does.... which is she starts with A and has to think of 6 girls name beginning with A, then 6 boys names beginning with A.... and then B and so on. She never gets very far.

So I have tried it the last couple of nights and I havent made it past B!!!!

It is enough to really occupy your mind so that you cant think about anything else and off I go.

So I thought I would share it..... as I know there are other parents here who have trouble sleeping for the same reason!!


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I always wake in the early hours, normally 3 a.m., with thoughts flying around my head that I can't switch off. I think this is a common symptom of anxiety and depression, even if we don't acknowledge that we have traits of that during the day.

I went to a Krishna weekend retreat a few years ago, to try and deal with my insomnia which I knew was caused by depression. Their suggestion is the only thing that has ever worked for me:

close your eyes
picture a black spot
focus hard on the black spot
keep on focussing

This invariably works for me eventually. It works because our eye movement is linked to our brain patterns. Stilling the eyes causes our brain and thought patterns to be still.


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I'll have to try this! I have problems getting to sleep frequently -my mind starts racing and I just can't shut it off. Staying asleep is a problem too. I take a ton of medication already for blood pressure and other things so I hate the idea of taking anything and since I take an antihistamine every day I can't take the usual otc things (which are basically high doses of antihistamine). I've literally tried the counting sheep thing, down to visualizing them jumping over a fence) which works sometimes.

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I am usually a 5 or 6 hour sleeper but if I am having a hard time doing that, I just plug in my Ipad and find some files on YouTube with rain or a brook and I am out within a few minutes



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I'm going to have to try this! I fall asleep fast but I wake up between 1-3am and have difficulty falling asleep. Now if I can remember this when I wake up :dreaming-mini:


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I have done some similar things since childhood (insomnia runs in my family). I will often do a city or country for each letter, or a book title/author/character for each letter, or a spice or recipe for each letter.

Progressive relaxation techniques can also be helpful. Imagine a train is running around the outline of your body. As it goes into each part (like down your arm to your hand, etc...), that part is filled with warmth and is pain free. As the train leaves each part, that part becomes very relaxed. Breathe deeply in through your nose and out through y our mouth (unless you have a cold) and before the outline is completed you will usually be asleep.

I have never before thought of 6 names for each letter, but that might be helpful for tough nights.