Simple Abundance

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  1. ML

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    I am reading the great book geared towards helping you focus on the blessings in your life. I figure this healthy lifetstyle is an accross the board thing, not just physical. So I'm working on changing my attitude and perspective.

    It's got entries for every day of the year. I may share them from time to time.

    For instance I had to start a gratitude journal. Each night before I go to bed I have to write down five things for which I am grateful. This place will be on the top five many days :smile:

    The idea is to get yourself to focus on the blessings thereby noticing them more and possibly even attracting more of them into your life.


  2. Big Bad Kitty

    Big Bad Kitty lolcat

    A pink book? By Sarah something? With a ribbon bookmark?

    If it's the one I am thinking about, then it is a wonderful book.

    It gets your spirit healthy along with the rest of you.
  3. ML

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    Yes Kitty! That is the book and I love it. I'm working on making spiritual changes as well as physical ones.
  4. Scent of Cedar II

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    I loved that book, too.

    Here are some others as beautifully written:

    Dance of the Spirit ~ Maria Harris

    Descent into Hell ~ Charles Williams


    I can't think of anymore right now.

  5. PersonalEnigma

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    Sounds like a great idea :smile: I should look for it at my bookstore.
  6. standswithcourage

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    I checked out Simple Abundance at the bookstore today and it looks like something I need. Barbara - thanks for the meditation links too! Also my daughter is trying the book Skinny ***** in the Kitchen - she has changed her whole way of eating - her husband is starving I think! It is rather interesting.
  7. Hound dog

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    So, is the book called Simple Abundance? I think I'm going to look for it, but wanted to be sure of the title and author.

    Sounds like it just might be exactly what I need.

  8. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Descent into hell -

    OMG someone wrote a book about my life - :erm:

    They forgot the new book -

    Raising the devil when you are an angel. :ohmygod:
  9. Scent of Cedar II

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    That title is a little forbidding, isn't it.

    It's one of those beautifully written books which change the way we look at everything, Star. Charles Williams was a compatriot of both C.S.Lewis and Tolkien.


  10. hearts and roses

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    I ordered that book and the companion book both from Amazon used and got them for under $12!!!
  11. Jena

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    i love that book i've had it on my night stand for 3 years now. it has often helped me. when i'm down i open it up to a page and read what they have to say. did you know they even have one for teenagers now as well and men? great stuff. it's all about cleaning out your emotional closet, looking at things from a different perspective kind of accepting who you are in a sense and being grateful for the simple things each and everyday. love this book....
  12. ML

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    Hi hope you enjoy it JoG. One of the first things you have to is start a gratitude journal and put in 5 things each night. It's good to start this book in January as it's a one day at a time thing that builds upon prior entries. Some days my list include things like "electricity" during frigid temperatures. It's amazing the little things we take for granted. This book helps us to see them and hopefully gravitate more of the positive into our lives.
  13. Scent of Cedar II

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    The Simple Abundance, Jo?

    I would like to read that again, too.

    Good idea. I will go and look on Amazon, too.