Since I always whine about the yucky mornings...

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    Here is how today is going so far...only 1/2 hr left. medications given at 7 as usual, (have to because of the timing for the rest of the day...he really needs the on board for the end of the day)

    Uncovered his head and just opened his mouth (I have them in a cup and pour them in, he never wants water at that moment, I dont get it, but it works for him and dr. said no biggie.
    Gave him the tiny bit less of prozac (going down 1 ml per week or two depending on response) and he took it fine. Then about 3 minutes later he said (notice I said...."said" not yelled, not whined etc.) Mom, that was a little too strong. Can you call Walgreens and see if they have a different flavor?" YOu didn't hear me hit the floor because I was jumping up and down.

    I said, sure (they only had enough to partially fill it so I will call asap) and then he said, is this a good idea? How about you buy the mints I like then I can eat it right after. I gave him a high five and said, yeah! my Q is back. He stood up and gave me another hug!!!!!!

    Please Lord, let this be the start. He is eating his 3 packs of oatmeal with a small bowl of captain crunch (crazy to me the hospital let them eat that would think they would be more wholistic, maybe it is not worth the battles they have for some kids) But for him having that has helped with the transition. He still talks of them daily but not so specifically. He has a hard time separating from people.

    OK, so not cancelling the bus. Gonna let him try. I will be there in the morning so can hear if he is having a rough time.

    THEN, uggg, gonna go get ready for the funeral. I keep checking her FB page along with her sisters. She has hundreds and hundreds of friends from NY to MN and there are some really hurt people out there. I get sad at funerals, even my friend who died recently, he was my age...left kids behind, awful but it was planned for and he said his good byes to all of us. HE had a chance in life.

    J on the other hand, her whole life ahead of her. I fall apart when I see young people so sad. And I think when something happens to kids most of us as parents feel it too much. We can somewhat imagine. I have felt worry over my son maybe dying. I never want to know the experience.
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    Buddy so happy you had such a great start to the morning. It makes the day seem so much happier in my opinion. Hold on to that glimpse of him. ((HUGS))) for the funeral tonight. I sincerely hope the rest of your day goes as smoothly as this morning.
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    Well he is out. He asked if he could try to earn his sports back. I said that was a great idea. Last night we practiced sentences to say to friends,

    Hi X, how are you....
    I'm fine but I missed my favorite show last night...

    Q: oh that's nice...

    Me: Q, think what you should say if someone says this..... (minus the I'm fine).... I missed my favorite show.....I said how do you feel if you miss Nascar?

    oh.... so we try again, he is clueless

    So i gave him the words.... say, oh that's too bad. Maybe next week you can see it again.

    he practiced it.

    this morning I modeled a few but didn't make him practice, not the time or the medication levels to do

    HI X, that's a really nice shirt.

    WOW your hair looks cool today.

    I hope you have a nice day...


    I think these guys way way way under estimate his language processing issues. He just makes
    "noise" to get into a conversation, to be a part of things. He even says over and over he is jealous that he is not included. So, he gets in no matter what. But when they reduce that to "seeking attention" it leaves out the important part. He doesn't just want attention. He wants to belong, to be a part of things.

    Just heart breaking.....

    well off to "review" the paper work from the last meeting. They in advance said that I can take it home for review....the sp ed coordinator knows that my lawyer would never let me sign

    on the other hand, since the lawyer has complained over and over about this lady, she said when she talked to the sp ed director who is well aware of her feelings, she told her that this lady was one of the good guys at the meeting. she was the only one that admitted to saying what they said when I confronted them about any future move, how long we were in this to teach him at this site, etc.....

    I have thought of one thing though, for Q's sake. Once we get this finalized, if needed, since he does better with partial days there (In their opinion, but I htink partly because of them) I would agree to a partial day THERE. NOt a partial educational day. Then, if they can provide the outside things they contract for, thru an independent district that is nearby or some of the homebound things.... I MIGHT be willing to talk.

    Kind of like kids who do on the job training etc. no reduced day, just a different site. Q would be ok with a transition like that, we have done it between autism program and school in the past, and between private therapy and school too. AS long as it becomes a routine it would be ok. Just an idea in my back pocket which gives Q what he wants but also gives us a chance to have him in more positive settings for much of the time.
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    Seems like a positive solution, Buddy. I just worry about kids who are continually made to feel like they are the centre of problem and difficulty in a conventional setting - not a good message for your Q, obviously (as I'm quite sure you think about). I think there comes a point when you struggle and struggle and something breaks and you say - "Oh, the hell with it!" Don't know if you've got to that breaking point yet, though you've certainly been given cause, by the sounds of it.
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    Woo hoo!! I love to hear about good mornings. I think that a good morning (or a bad one) sets the tone for the rest of the day. I hope the rest of the day goes well for Q.