Since we are talking a lot about bipolar...

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    Here are a few articles about it. I have Bipolar II, which is the second one listed in the different types.

    Here is bipolar disorder vs. borderline personality disorder (often confused for one another):

    And here are the symptoms of bipolar and drug abuse:

    Why do the mentally ill stop taking medication, the different reasons:

    Just FYI, if interested.
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    Thanks MWM! I'm going to have to read these. :)
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    I found it helpful to read about the probable connection between drugs or alcohol and bipolar. It was so scary when difficult child daughter was diagnosed this time. Had it not been for MWM's courage in posting about her own experiences and that she had successfully taken responsibility for herself and her health, husband and I might have been thrown back into all the badness again.

    We are doing so much better, now.

    Time has proven that trusting that the kids will take better care of themselves, whatever the issues are, than we would have, through enabling them.

    Detachment theory is working. Nothing else worked out in the long run. I feel like such a rotten mom in the thick of it, in the saying "no"...but my not enabling is working better for the kids.

    Articles like those you've posted have been very helpful to me, MWM.

    Thank you.


    P.S. I am still so much in denial. You would think I would have this down pat by now.
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    Thank you, Scent. Well, you have always helped me SO MUCH, very glad to return any favor I can!
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    Thank you MWM for sharing the links and for sharing your life with us. I don't think you realize how much it impacts those who are struggling to understand this illness to read your personal story.
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    I have bipolar and borderline though neither were diagnosed until I was in my late 30's, early 40's. The two together can be an interesting pair!
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    Thank you very much for posting this. The reading was interesting, and a little scary. I did some more research on Cyclothymic Disorder and I have to say, the symptoms I read are spot on when it comes to my son. Sadly, I don't know how to get him to recognize that and at least get evaluated.