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    Advil cold and sinus??? I am at work, feeling awful, so decided to take a break an drive to the 24 hour Walmart. Only to find out you have to sign at the pharmacy...that isn't open at 4am. I take one way to work and one way home. If that road ever closed, I'Learning Disability (LD) be out of luck.
    They gave me directions to the nearest Walgreens. Did my thing there and asked for directions back to work.

    geesh. I just want some sinus medicine. Not like I was buying illegal drugs or something!
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    Unfortunately, there are those who are getting high on cold and sinus medications. It's a sad state of affairs, but teens are now finding any way they can to get high, thus the pharmacy cops have to keep the stuff behind the counter. I'm sorry you feel badly.....take care of yourself.
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    There is a certain ingredient in some over the counter cold medications that kids of all ages are abusing. It's sad, but true, so the pharmacies have had to take them off the shelves so kids can no longer have access to them. I know it's inconvenient for the people who really need them, but a good call for the pharmacies.
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    "The behind-the-counter rule, which started Oct. 1 (2006), is designed to make it harder for criminals to buy large quantities of legal pseudoephedrine and to use it to produce the illegal drug methamphetamine. The logbook must be made available to agents of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, who are authorized to inspect pharmacies to enforce all U.S. drug laws."

    This is from an article in Conn. but I believe it's a national law now.

    "Using large quantities of cold medicine, household drain cleaner, ordinary batteries, and recipes available on the Internet, it has been easy for drug abusers to produce large quantities of crystal meth in home laboratories."

    This just makes me shake my head. What rocket scientist discovered this combination? Drain cleaner? Batteries? I guess I don't have a druggie mentality 'cuz it would never cross my mind to ingest this stuff. Sigh...
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    OMG...the things I learn here!
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    I have this same problem, and it makes me so mad! I've always had sinus problems - bad enough that they'd make me sick to my stomach and dizzy - and for years I've taken the Tylenol Sinus capsules, which were the only ones that really worked. Instead of just drying you up, these actually opened your sinuses up and let them drain (yuk!), taking the pressure off and getting rid of the pain. NOW, because of all the goofy meth manufacturers, this stuff is "behind the counter" and you have to sign for it. No more comparison shopping or checking out the labels to see which ones you want, but this was fine with me. And the brands still on the shelves didn't have the ingredient in them that made them work well. But what happened, at least here, is that they stopped carrying a lot of the popular brands and you never know what they'll have. At our local drug store, they literally have a laundry basket behind the counter, full of different cold and sinus remedies, and they dig through it to see what they've got, and they very seldom have the Tylenol Sinus capsules! I usually end up with some store brand that isn't the same and doesn't work as well.

    But it's this way everywhere! When my son worked in an auto parts store, they'd get periodic visits from the Drug Task Force folks. They wanted them to try to get the names and license plate numbers of anyone buying large quantities of certain products that can be used to make meth!
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    A couple of bad eggs ruin it for the rest of us, as per usual.
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    You've touched one of my hot spots. All of us have allergies (the kids were on shots for years). For me, personally, the ONLY medications that work is Drixoral. I've had so many antihistimine over the years that my body has become immune to several families of them. Drixoral is the only medication that has that particular antihistimine in it. I honestly don't need the decongestant a lot of the time, but you can't purchase it without it.
    In Ohio, you now have to get it from the pharmacy, you have to give them your driver's license, which they put in the computer, and you are limited to the amount you can purchase per month. You are not allowed to purchase it if you are under 18.

    Did you read above where I said we ALL have allergies? Well, when the ragweed is blooming, I literally cannot purchase enough for all three of us to get through the month! One of mine is under 18 - he can't buy it. I can't buy his cuz I already bought mine which puts me over the limit. I've resorted to having relatives buy it for me!!! I feel like I'm a druggie trying to get my fix!!!

    And yes, you can't find what you need everywhere because the pharmacies don't have enough room for it all. I've actually started calling before I stop.

    I realize meth is a huge problem. But dang it all - I just want to BREATH!!!!

    I'll shut up now...........
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    I hate this, too.

    I've never gotten high off of sudafed, but the decongestant that they used to replace the psuedoephedrine (sp?) makes me very dizzy and light-headed. And it doesn't work.

    And some products - like Nyquil - have taken the pseudoephedrine out and didn't bother replacing it with anything. So, if I want to be able to sleep AND breathe (I know, I'm being picky), I have to take Nyquil AND behind-the-counter sudafed (per the pharmacist). Thing is, I can only take half a dose of Nyquil because it knocks me out. So, that means I have to take only half a dose of sudafed. Any idea how hard it is to cut those little pills?