single mom with 8yr old ODD&ADHD daughter

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by tinytoy, Oct 17, 2009.

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    Hi Everyone: I am new to the group, and just thought I would introduce myself. I am a single mom with an 8yr old girl. She was diagnosed 2 years ago with ODD, disthymic disorder(depression), and PTSD. Just recently she was rediagnosed with ADHD as well. She is on sertraline 25mg, risperidol - just increased to 1mg, and will be starting on aderall next weekend.
    I have seen an alarming increase in her physical outbursts recently, especially towards me, and I am getting bruises from her kicking me, as well as being hit, bit and objects thrown at me. She is also very verbal. Just recently she has started saying that she is going to kill herself. I just don't know how much of this is attention seeking behavior. I would appreciate any advice you may have about this, or how I could try and address this situation.:faint:
    Thanks for your support. I have learned some from reading other posts and realize there are alot of parents dealing with the same thing.:redface:
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    My own feeling is that you should always take talk about suicide seriously and inform her doctor ASAP. Your daughter may need to be hospitalized to protect herself. How long has she been on Sertraline? Did the aggression and suicidal talk start soon after she began this medication?
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    I agree with smallmom totally. Also, if the child is aggressive and suicidal in my opinion Adderrall is a very poor doctor decision. Adderrall is far more apt to make him worse than to calm him down. I would really, really think hard before putting him on ANY stimulant. If he has a mood disorder and maybe the ADHD is a misdiagnosis, you have a mess. My own mellow son got angry and aggressive on Adderrall. It lasted two days before I could see that it was not a good thing, at least for him.

    You may want to get a second opinion on his diagnosis AND his treatment. Do you have any mood disorders on your family tree? Any mental health issues at all on either side, your side and her biological father's side? His side counts too because he contributed fifty percent of her genes, and things are inherited. Any substance abuse in her family tree, which again includes bio. dad?

    Good luck, whatever you decide to do and welcome to the board :D
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    I agree with smallworld. I'd contact her doctor immediately and let him make the judgement call.

    Perhaps one of her medications / or even the combo isnt' working well for her and needs to be adjusted or changed.

    Welcome to the board. :)