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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by mstang67chic, Feb 14, 2009.

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    ....for those who may be in the know.

    I've been fighting this stupid sinus infection for a week. Even before that though, I was having issues with some sore, dry spots inside my nose. Anyhoo, last Sunday I really felt bad, Tuesday however was horrible. Pressure, pain, fever, achy...the works. I mentioned in another thread that I also had sore glands/nodes under my jaw and there was tenderness down my neck and up the side of my head on one side. I went to the doctor and got some antibiotics and after just one dose, felt TONS better. I've been doing fairly well all week....taking my medicine, trying to get enough rest and chugging the apple juice. Last night I forgot a dose of antibiotic and I could really tell today. (made sure I got both doses in today though) The soreness in my neck is back (both sides) as is the side of my head. I also noticed this evening that on the side of my neck that is the most sore, there is a ...guess you would call it a knot. It's not up under my jaw but is down pretty low and towards the back part of the side.

    Does anyone know if this could still be a gland/node thing? It's the strangest thing and I don't recall ever having this before with a sinus infection. Maybe it's just a particularly nasty one?
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    If you've got an infection, the lymph nodes in the area are working extra hard to help your body fight the infection. The antibiotics are another weapon in the armoury, especially if you're fighting a bacterial infection (which, from your response, sounds like you are).

    If you think about how you use/abuse your body when you have a cold - you've probably been blowing your nose, maybe coughing, maybe sniffing - all this uses muscles you don't normally use to this extent. It's amazing how sore and stiff your neck muscles and even forehead canfeel, when you've been repeatedly blowing your nose even for one day. Add in the usual myalgia pain you can get when you have a low-grade fever or an infection, and your muscles are extra touchy anyway.

    So I don't think the soreness is primarily nodes, I think it's primarily from the infection, with some strained/overworked muscles having to do more than they're used to.

    Keep taking those pills! And if you get to the end of the course and you still aren't well, go back and get a repeat ASAP, don't wait.

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    I have heard sometimes an infection settles in a gland/node. If that is the case a stronger dose of antibiotics may be needed. Maybe an I/V treatment.

    Hope you feel better.
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    I also think it is infection related. It sounds like a doctor should look at it. If an infection is in a lymph node or a gland it can rapidly spread throughout your body. From my recent bout with infection, trust me when I say get it looked at early and save yourself a LOT of pain.

    I am sorry you feel so bad. One thing that helps me prevent sinus/nasal infections is to use Ayr saline gel on a qtip inside my nose. If things get too dry in there then the lining cracks and germs can get in your system. Keeping them moisturized helps prevent that.

    Hope you feel better soon.
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    I'd have a doctor check it again.

    This virus I have is basically upper respiratory. It's doing a number on my sinuses. I empathize. If it doesn't let up by tomorrow I'm calling the doctor and making sure I don't have a sinus infection.

    Hope you feel better soon.

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    Thanks everyone. Actually, I've been using Neosporin with pain relief on the "hot" spots in my nose. It seems to be working pretty well. (and I imagine is quite the sight....Neosporin, q-tips and a mirror. LOL) Unless I feel like total carp, I'm going to give the antibiotics a couple of more days and see what happens. If nothing is better by then, I'll see the doctor again. These lumps are just weirding me out.
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    Oh Poor sick baby!

    Listen - I got a sinus infection/cold BEFORE Christmas. I got antibiotics the next day AND these WOWOOooo antihistamines (and when I say WOWOWOooo I mean WOWOOOOOOW hoooo fun).

    It's now Feb. and I still have pain in my ears. I feel like there is water in them or something.

    Worse yet? DF caught this same thing right before I left - despite my every attempt to spray ENTIRELY EVERYTHING IN THE HOUSE so that I didn't have to deal with MAN sickness when I got home - he still got a cold.

    He waited and waited and finally 2 weeks ago got some antibiotics. He's taken them and they did nothing. They also had him on Guifenessin(sp) for expectorant. (that helped some)
    Friday - I had to go pick up a NEW precription of some antibiotic called Levaquin - OMG they are EXPENSIVE - but in 2 days (and he only got 10 pills) they have nearly cured his stuffiness.

    The pharmacist said he felt we as a society had built up a tolerance to amoxcillin and the like. That's why these heavy duty antibiotics were invented.

    As far as your nose drying out? DO NOT LAUGH - but take some KY jelly on a Q-tip and put it UP in your nose. KY is water based and unlike petroleum jelly actually gives your poor sore nasal passages some moisture that is welcome. I used to get winter nosebleeds all the time. And dont worry about just plain KY = you don't need that your's and mine stuff- both your nasal passages are female. lol
    ahem.....going to the corner now to be with Abbey already there.
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    Get thee to the doctor and get better. You dont want to end up with an ear infection that turns into my lovely Every time I sneeze I get nervous now.
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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    *gasp* no words.....can't...breathe *gasp* from ... laughing

    *by the way....can someone come help get my arse up off the floor? the dog is licking my face and she's got some nasty breath at the momen*
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    Don't worry Janet....I've already been there. I'm just going to give it another day or so and see how I feel. I'm thinking though that I'm going to ask for another 1/2 round or so of antibiotics to "make sure". I rarely get them so I shouldn't have a tolerance built up...I just think this is a nasty sinus thing. But thanks for the concern!