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    James Patterson, the novelist, started writing the Maximum Ride series when he realized his son did not like to read. The books in the series are great, in my opinion. My kids enjoy them as much as my parents and I do.

    He used to have a program that gave awards to help bring reading to kids. It was called Page Turner Awards. In 2008 he stopped that and put money toward the site "ReadKiddoRead". I don't know if it gives any awards, but it might.

    It DOES offer recommendations for children's books of all kinds, for children from birth to teens. I found some awesome titles that will be gifts for bdays and Xmas for my family. Also some I can hardly wait to run out and get, LOL!

    The site is . If your kids don't like to read, or cannot read enough, this is the site for you!
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    Along this same topic: Scholastic has added a new feature on the teacher area of its site called Book Wizard. It gives reading levels, suggestions of similar titles according to reading levels, etc. It only does titles published by Scholastic but I've found it to be really handy.
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    Or, you can ask me.:D

    School librarian here:tongue:.

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