Site with listings for FREE Medical and Dental Clinics across the USA

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    I know a LOT of us are on hard times and have little or no health care. I hope it may be of help to someone, at some point.

    Sorry it only helps those in the USA.
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    Thanks for the information. I have a chipped tooth and thought there was NO place here that could help. There is one place but it's farther away than I can afford to drive. I'm calling the place you posted tomorrow to see if they can help with discounted services. Thank you SO much!!!! I have a regular dentist - have had for 20 years.....same as our veterinarian.....and do you think EITHER of them could help us with anything since unemployment is a way of life now? NOPE. It's insane. I mean - how about seeing all three of our dogs as ONE office visit and let me pay you for three rabies vaccines? Nope - wanted three office visits and three rabies vaccines. All these years, all the surgeries, all the cars I think I must have bought HIS family - made me so angry. So we went to the shelter instead. Instead of $100 for three dogs - it was $27. And the money goes back to the shelter. I felt like I took my kids to the Medicaid office but then again I took dude to the Medicaid office most of his life - lol. And as far as MY doctor? I asked if they could give me a discount too.....until I get back on my feet? NOPE. Can't write me any more prescriptions either - said so by law - no more contacts either. Soooo I found a place that will give me an eye exam and glasses for $35.00 through the united way - IF I (get this) GO TO THE FREE DOCTOR - at this really nice facility....that I probably could never have paid to get into. Ummm FREE? Yup. So let me get this straight....If I GO to the FREE doctor place, get an exam, get my prescriptions written, and take them to the place that will fill them all year for $20 ------then you will give me an eye exam AND glasses for $35? "yes"....Is this insane or what? Oh there is a $20 application fee to cover paper work but for $75 dollars - I get a doctors exam, all my prescriptions filled for a year....and glasses with exam. I think this world is bassackwards.

    Now if I could just do that with a vehicle. lol.......and a donkey.
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    Thanks susie!!! I might get my teeth fixed afterall. Will have to check into it 1st and see.............hmmmmmm

    LOL Star, yes the system is backward...........and totally screwy. Odd, our vet will see all our dogs at once and charge only 1 fee......except for the shots.......which he doesn't give except rabies anyway. Which if I was bright I'd have the guy at the farm center show me how to give and give it myself for a whopping 6 bucks. Of course he also doesn't look at you like you're the cruelest person on the planet cuz you can't afford this or that unnecessary/necessary treatment either. If it's necessary he will bend over backward to try to find a way to make it dirt cheap. Could be why he's still in a teeny weeny very nonfancy office with only 1 vet tech who is also his receptionist billing person. lol However I did find a service that meets in each county and spays cats. They don't care if it's your cat, the neighbor cat, a stray cat.........and it's like 15 bucks. If I see Skinny Minnie again.....she is sooooooo fixed. lol But I think she knows as she's not coming around except late at night.

    Fam doctor will write scripts for a year without a office visit unless something has changed..........most especially if you don't have insurance. He will also script medications to me without having to see him if I'm sick........easy child just gives him my symptoms. Saves me an office visit.

    Why? Oh, dunno.......could be because the current rate of unemployed in this area is over 60 percent. :faint:

    Why dentist aren't seeing this and adjusting to it I dunno. But that link Susie listed seems to have a dental clinic on am going to look into that.