Sitting in the hotel, numb hands and shoulder cramps...

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by KTMom91, Dec 8, 2009.

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    Miss KT and I took a road trip to extreme Northern CA, so she could tour a college up here. I'm familiar with I-5 to Redding, but the rest of this area? My knowledge is zero. We're in Miss KT's car, considerably newer than mine, I don't like driving it, but I'm driving because she can get lost going across town. Really.

    This lovely little mountain pass we traveled on took us three hours to go about 100 miles. There was a light dusting of snow, there were quaint little towns of about 35 people, there was no cell or radio service, and as we were going around a curve, a man jumped in front of the car and asked us to call 911 because his friend had a concussion. And to make matters worse, I had to go potty. Bad.

    My carpal tunnel has both hands numb, from hanging on to the steering wheel for dear life. My shoulders are cramping up as well. I'm exhausted, and I know I need to go to sleep, but the thought of getting back in that car, and driving for another eight or so hours tomorrow, has me agitated.
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    Take some ibuprofen, a warm shower, and get thee to bed! Sleep in a little, eat a good breakfast and enjoy the day tomorrow. Maybe KT could drive the first hour while you sip something hot in a to-go cup?
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    How about kt drive while you make sure you all are going the right way? That would let you rest some. Good luck tomorrow.

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    If you are getting numbness and cramping in your shoulders/arms/hands from gripping the steering wheel, it might not be carpal tunnel.

    The pain could be from impinged nerves in your neck. I was misdiagnosed for years as having carpal tunnel in both wrists.

    As it turns out, I have "facet joint" arthritis in my neck that presses on the nerves to my arms when I have to hold them in certain positions like when I'm driving.

    I make regular 250 mile drives to visit friends and family in Milwaukee and the far northern Chicago suburbs.

    Even with getting out of the car every hour or so to get moving and stretch stuff, I still have problems with the numbness and cramping.