Six Ways To Clean House When You're Depressed

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    As most of us know, life with difficult child's can be depressing at times. I have been struggling with a low-level depression for a while now because of my difficult child's and an unemployed spouse. One of the first things I let go is my housecleaning. First of all, I don't like doing it, and when I'm feeling down and overwhelmed by life, it's very easy to just skip it! This article has some helpful tips on how to keep your head above water with the cleaning process when you're feeling down and would just rather not deal with it:
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    Thank you!
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    Sweetie, thanx for sharing this....I have this newly renovated home & no energy to keep it clean.

    As I'm the only one here it doesn't get very dirty but I'm struggling to keep the day to day stuff together.
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    So I spend about at least an hour and a half every day on domestic chores, and my house still looks like a slightly organized rat's nest.

    So now what???