skin is a mess any ideas?/

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    so, i woke up today and i have holes in my faces suddenly. my pores the past 3 mos were visible so i bought some junk and have been using it, hence aging.

    yet today was different i washed my face and all of a sudden one of the pores exploded sort of and now i have a hole! now right under it is another white patch i'm afraid to touch it and it seems like if i did anything to it it would be another hole.

    what does one do about this? i have a dermatologist appointment with-easy child in a few weeks about a growth i've had and i'm sure i can ask him yet meanwhile my face suddenly is getting weird. i know for sure that white patch is going to fall off and another hole will appear.

    i know ihave to quit smoking i've cut down and next is the gum when i have the money to get it, yet my mom's skin is very bad, her pores are so open and visible on her face it's astounding. genetics? stress? all of it??

    this getting old thing bites.
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    Try to get in to see the dermatologist as soon as you can. In the meantime, treat your face very very gently. No makeup, no harsh cleansers, no heavy moisturizers, no scented ANYTHING.

    If you can stand it, wash your face with just warm water and a very soft cloth for the next several days. Even better, soak the cloth in hot water, and then just gently press it against your face without any rubbing or pressure. If you must use something, try cetaphil. Although I'd be hesitant to even use that.

    It might be an allergic reaction, it might be a sensitivity to new medications you might be could be so many things. Hard to say.

    Try to get yourself added to the cancellation list for your dermatologist. It might also be worth a visit to your regular doctor, in case there is some relation to the perimeno, heart trouble or other stuff you've been dealing with lately.

    Sending many hugs your way.

  3. totoro

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    I concur with Trinity! I am so sorry, it hoovers when the face is out of sorts.
    I know I feel so exposed!
    My face has reacted to Retin-A before when i used a strong amount in the beginning.
    It was burning and red on all of the wrinkle areas I had put it.
    I have such wonky hormones that I break out non-stop and then I pick!!!
    And now getting old I scar easier...
    I also have slight roseacia (SP) Which gets worse if I eat or drink certain things!

    But yes I would leave you face alone and try to get in ASAP! I am so sorry, you have to deal with this. Always something with our bodies.

    husband told me one day, "I am so glad I am not a woman, you ladies have to deal with so much with your bodies and your hormones" "I don't know how you stay happy or sane"

    I was so happy that he saw it for a moment! He also admitted that NO man could ever give birth! LOL
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    My pores are awful, and it runs in the family. Try just the warm wash cloth for the face, and don't rub or pick. Make sure that your daughter's dermatologist is ready to see you when you take her, so that he can give you both an adequate exam.

    I have searched for years for the right stuff for my face. It's so oily you could deep fry onion rings on my face, I swear. But most everything I used on it made it oily and peeling flaky at the same time. I have been using the Aveeno Ultra Calming cleanser and lotion for about 4 months now and I am very happy with it. But I would just go with the warm wash cloth for now in your situation.
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    hi thanks guys

    ok now you have me worried lol.

    so i am leaving it alone, the appointment isnt' until the 18th and i head back to work on monday the 11th. it's weird my skin lately.

    toto- i totally see your point. i'm glad he feels that way lol.

    witz - yours sounds like mine.

    trinity - i am not taking any medications, so i'm clueless.

    i am glad about one thing, well not glad but it's good. i had the heart monitor on last night and i went to bed was totally calm night and there it started, i was just about to fall asleep which is usually when it happens and my heart revved up at least it'll be caught on the monitor and they can figure out what that's about. it revv's up when i'm calm, i mean really revvs up almost like a car when you hit the gas. it's pumping slow and than suddenly your doing 90 it beats through my chest i have to breath through it than it suddenly calms after i breath and calm it.

    i hate it, it makes me nervous at night when i go to bed im always afraid to go to sleep because i know its going to happen again.
  6. Star*

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    People obsess about their face - and ignore the rest of their skin....the skin, is the largest organ of your body.

    We forget that the water we shower in - isn't necessarily filtered - but yet we spend tons of money on filter pitchers, glasses, and fridge water filters. My Mom is the only person I know who has a shower filter for her skin. And she has near flawless skin. She also spares no expense on face goop.

    Our dermatologist told DF that the ONLY soap anyone should ever use on their skin is Dove Sensitive - either liquid or bar. It's mild enough to use on your face, on your girly parts - and it leaves enough moisture in your skin that after about a month you have noticeably more pliable, resillient, glowing skin.

    I used to get ashy elbows in the winter. This was the first year I have not - and used Dove exclusively, then moisturized body with Nivea Soft cream and used NOTHING on my face except some Olay Regenerist nighttime serum around my eyes and ever drooping mouth.

    I have Rosacea - so nothing really helps - except watching my diet - but that's just it - DIET, stress, environment, that time of the month all have a proudound effect on your faces skin. You've never said how old you are - so that has a lot to do with it, but then again - I'm 40ish and still get worse zits now than I did as a teen. (Nice - figured that would be long gone)

    Make sure also that when you are messing with your face that your hands are uber clean.

    I think I'd make sure the dermatologist had enough time to address my needs. It sounds to me like you have (sorry but think so) an ingrown hair.

    Ahhhhh being woman - ain't it grand?

    and ALSO - for those of you who shave? My dermatologist ALSO told me that a single blade razor is FAR superior to stopping secondary infections from shaving - and always use a new razor OR at the least soak your used razor in alcohol over night then lay flat to dry. Or just wait until you're in your 40's, have raised a difficult child to a young adult and your hair will all fall out anyway - and finding your MIND will be paramount to a zit. :faint:
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    I would not wait until the 18th. Call and see if you can get in earlier.

    I don't have really oily skin, but my theory is that if you wash your face too much, your skin over compensates and produces more oil. I just use a hot washcloth. Rarely do I use soap on my face and when I do, it's oil of olay washcloths with the soap in it. About once a week, I use a facial scrub that gets the dead skin off. I still get an occasional pimple, especially around the time of my period, but my skin is pretty good.

    There are two other things that I would suggest.....drink a lot of water and use Extra Virgin Olive Oil in your food. It is very good for your skin and nails.
  8. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Loth is 100% right -

    That extra virgin olive oil is helping my hair and nails - we read an article in LIfe Extension magazine and switched -

    VERY good advice Loth.....

    I'm still none too sure how one goes about being an extra virgin - but .........nah....never mind.
  9. AnnieO

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    I agree about the advice here. Be very, very gentle with your skin.

    Personally, I use a hot washcloth and gently wipe the makeup/goop off each evening. Then I use generic Wal-Mart makeup remover wipes to get the eye makeup, and a quick swipe over the rest of the face. That's it. Oil free moisturizer every morning (Clean & Clear). I do wear makeup almost every day.

    I still get the occasional zit but they are those teensy little things. I have to remind myself not to pick at them though!

    Then again, I got very lucky. My Mom has great skin, and although she's in her 60s not that many wrinkles. Also, she taught me how to care for mine very young. Drives difficult child 1 bonkers. She inherited BM's skin. (Sorry, kid.)