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    so, someone yesterday or day before posted about skin care products and i can't remember who for the life of me at all. they couldn't find product for their skin that would work and i responded that i knew of one yet couldn't remember.

    ok so it just came back to me while i'm watching yet another hannah montana episode with difficult's Arbonne International.

    the stuff is amazing, literally. my friend gave me samples and i tried to make it last as long as possible. if you type in the name it will bring up the website.

    ok sorry i forgot who asked lol.

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    Curiosity got the better of me. I went and looked. OMG I see some of them are sets, but geez.........I have a cow spending that much on groceries. I couldn't force myself to spend that much on make up. :faint:

    But then if I recall easy child said Bare Minerals was super expensive too. Which is why I turned it down as a xmas gift. I didn't want to get hooked on it and not be able to buy it for myself. lol
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    yea that's exactly why i take her samples, because right now especially without working i can't afford the stuff. it's amazing though. you had to see me every night in my bathroom squeezing out pea size amounts to put on my face just to make the sample last ten days lol.

    eye wrinkle cream was the best. and the night cream. when i go food shopping and we have those two nights a week where we have 7 mouths to feed you have to see the meals i come up with lol.
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    I was registered to sell Arbonne products. When you start getting their emails, and into it, it is a multi-level marketing scheme. The products can be effective, but laboratory tests show that Olay products are more effective (can't remember the source, but it seemed reputable). Arbonne products DO feel nice. IF you want to use them, pay the $35 to sell them, then buy them at 40 or 50 percent off.

    Be aware that the Arbonne Rep actually has to PAY for the samples, and they can be quite expensive. One sample set was $10, and it was just the sealed plastic packets, not jars.

    Of course, Avon and Tupperware are both multilevel marketing also, so that alone isnn't a bad thing. A neighbor of mine was determined to get out of foreclosure with Arbonne because her sister made a TON of $$ selling it in another city. She lost her shirt (the neighbor). So be careful if you decide to get into it.

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    i know my friend tried to get me into it. i told her i'm not a multi leveled type of person lol. it's all about "show me the money" not ok well i'll see the money in five years if i'm lucky and all my people under me do what their supposed to do.

    wow can you imagine the creators the fortune their rolling in? ever see those cars they give away also?? too funny
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    I used to know a lady that sold Mary Kay. Now there is some awesome makeup. (you should see my wedding pics lol) And she had the pink caddy so she was excellent at it.

    But then, she also had a captive market. She was the CO's wife. lol But she was very nice and not pushy about it. If you had something special coming up she'd give you a free makeover for the event. Since her captive market were army wives, we were too poor to buy much. But we'd get a little something now and again. Love that stuff, but man is it expensive. whew
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    LOVE the Mary Kay lip gloss!! My aunt sold MK, way back when you had to buy the whole shebang to be able to buy the eyeshadow or lipgloss or whatever. My aunt used to tag my lipgloss on, with-o making me buy the whole skincare routine, used to make my day when that would come in.

    More recently I had a friend who sold it. It was a hobby, and when she got out of it she gave me a TON of stuff. My fave thing was that she gave me a few of the mascara applicators they use for the makeovers. I use them when I have a special fiber on my cross stitch, to make it look all fluffy, LOL!!