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Anyone know what "brown fish" or "puma(s)" are?
Caught those terms in passing, and was wondering if they were part of the slang McWeedy's crowd uses. I don't recognize the terms, and they don't show up any hits in Google. The best I could find is for 'brown', which could mean pot or heroin.

Any ideas?



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Well I called my "expert" and he thinks he has heard of ecstasy having names like that. He says he hasnt ever heard of the fish one but thinks he has heard of the puma one.

But says...boy if someone is messing with that they better think bad pill and you can be messed up for life...lmao. My lil pothead is particular.


If you go to that link I posted, it also gives the info as to the general area in the U.S. where the tested pill/s came from and the contents.

This is what is really scary--some of them contain meth, some ketamine (sp--which is, I think, a HORSE or similar large animal sedative), and other frightening substances!

I really had no clue about all this, but simply added "illegal drugs" to Mikey's Google search of "puma" and "brown fish" and found WAY more than I cared to know!


Well-Known Member should have heard Cory when I called to ask him about He lives with another guy and they were conferring in the background while I was on the phone about the subject and trying to figure it out. I could hear Josh telling Cory that it sounded like an ecstasy pill name and Cory comes on and tells me but says...Mom...I dont know from personal

I could tell from them talking in the background that they really didnt know exactly but they had a clue because they said X has pictures on it and Cory hastened to tell me he only knew this because he has seen it in He told me he is scared of that. I kinda believe him because he isnt a pill popper. Now his roommate is. His roommate is addicted to pain pills. Cory is a simple pot head. He is terrified of harder drugs.


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ketamine- alias "special K"-cat tranquilizer
ant was part of a group that robbed a vetenarian's office when he was 18 or so. just to steal this and use it. scarey.
glad ant survived his drug years.

now if he can just stop drinking one day.


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"k" - that was also mentioned. Guess McWeedy has finally moved on, just as many here predicted.

Don't know if he's using the stuff, but he's definitely involved in somehow helping it get around to other members of the "Group Formally Known as the PotHead Posse".

Dammit, now I'll have to come up with another name for them as well. Do you know how hard it was for me to come up with that moniker?

And McWeedy? Guess he'll get a new name as well. Maybe "McSleezy", "McDruggie", "McDumbass", or if he' not careful, "McGirlFriend".

Spoke with my brother for hours last night about this. Things may start to happen while we're gone next week. Yes, McWeedy and I are still going to Fla., and I'm going to do my damndest to make it the best trip possible. It's the only time I know he'll be with me and sober for the whole time, so we may be able to talk without other influences getting in the way (friends, drugs, XBox, etc). It may also be the last set of "good" memories I have of being with him for a while, especially if I have to get the police involved when I get back.

And they might have to be called....

While I'm gone, my bro who's worked both sides of the fence may come up and "inspect" my house for me. As a cop for over 7 years, he worked many narcotics raids and searches. As a drug addict for most of his life who went to jail for over 7 years on narcotics and other charges, he's also an expert at hiding the stuff (which is why he was so good at finding it while still a cop). I hope my house is "clean", but now I have my doubts. Guess we'll find out when I get back.

Also, bro and I are going to work out a "dead man's switch" agreement, sorta like between two mobsters. "Anything happens to me, here's a list of people you go 'visit'. Anything happens to you, give me a list of people to go 'visit'". Since McWeedy's already threatened us implicitly if any of his "friends" get busted, this is a necessary step.

Bro has really turned his life around, but is still a truly frightening person when he wants to be. He has many unknown friends in high and low places. He also has fairly good relations with the "Sicilian" side of our family.
If the cops are called, and others around McWeedy start going down with him, I don't want any retaliation. So, if we get the cops involved, McWeedy will be handed a list of every friend he has, with phone numbers, addresses, IM aliases, and other information (I've been a busy beaver for the last few days).

Bro has this list, and I'll make sure McWeedy knows this. If anything happens to me or my family because McWeedy finally incurred the wrath of God, then we won't be the only ones to suffer. Or, at least that's what McWeedy will be told to inform his posse about.

Boy, this sure sucks. But he leaves me no other choice.

But next week, I'm going to try and forget McWeedy, focus on the son I love, and try to build some good memories to help me through what's likely to happen when we get back. Oh, and a refill on my Xanax won't hurt, either.



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Sorry. There is no place on earth where so many nice people want
to be proven wrong. It doesn't happen too blankin' often here!

I do hope your trip is terrific. Based on been there done that's don't assume
that your "original" son who will be wonderful company is also
a "clean" son. My son (I found later) took triple C's on a
marvelous trip to Sanibel. He bought pot on the streets of New
Orleans on the best trip he and husband have ever had together. husband
still doesn't know about the pot...and treasures those "clean"
days they shared. X is sadly very easy to transport as well as

Oh yeah, we have FBI and state law enforcement in our very close
family unit too. Your bro probably has alot more saavy since he
has a personal history. My kid got past our family members.

How sad all of this xxxx is! DDD


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Believe me, I'll be the one going through the final check of his luggage before we leave. He wont' be bringing anything that way. And I've convinced him that we're quite likely to get sniffed over by a drug dog at the airport, so I doubt he'll carry anything with him.

As for buying it there, he doesn't have any money. If he's involved in moving this stuff around, it's probably as a middle-man, and he's getting paid in the same stuff he's helping make available. So, I may be wrong, but in this case I don't think he'll bring or buy anything there. When we went in December, after the first day of "cold turkey" he did become more of the son I remember. It was only two days after getting back that he took a flying leap off the deep end for a two-week long daily pot binge.

This time, I don't intend to let it get that far. If things work out, Bro will be there when we get back, and we have our "Come to Jesus" meeting with him, just the three of us while his Mom and sister are out of town (Sarge would gladly join in to help pack McWeedy off, but I don't want to encourage bad blood between siblings). How bad that meeting gets depends on whether or not Bro finds anything in my house. But the plans are to have the situation resolved before wife steps off the plane on Tuesday.

It's both funny and sad. Last year, this would have me in tears, curled up in a fetal position with a raging anxiety attack. Now, I'm just angry, tired, and depressed, and want it dealt with and over. No matter how much you love some one, there comes a point where the pain and misery they cause you outweighs the sacrifices you're willing to make because of that love. When that happens, it's time for them to either change or go. In a sick way, I now almost look forward to that confrontation.
As an aside, if any of you like science fiction books, there's a great Heinlein novel called "Farnham's Freehold". It's about a guy who builds a nuclear survival bunker just before a nuclear war breaks out, and he brings his family in with him. At one point, Hugh Farnham's son Duke starts trying to push his weight around. In no uncertain terms, Hugh has his butler pull a gun on Duke, and threaten to force him out the airlock into the nucler wasteland or kill him if he doesn't conform to the family plan for survival.

To Hugh, his son was endangering the survival of the rest of the family by his actions, and was willing to do whatever was necessary - even to his own son - for the welfare of the rest of the family. I remember reading this book when I was a kid, and not understanding how Mr. Heinlein could have a father-character treat his son that way. These days, it makes a lot of sense.

I think I'll suggest that McWeedy read that book on the plane. I wonder what he'll think of that passage...



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Hey Mikey - as a huge Heinlein fan - Farnham's Freehold is one of my favorite books.

I wish you the best with your son. It is not easy.


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Once they are abusing pot it's only a matter of time before they start experimenting with other things. That is my opinion anyway. If you are hearing these slang words used by him, then chances are he's using it to and not just helping others get it.

My difficult child used to try and tell me that. "oh my god, I would never do that!! How could you even think that?"

Hope your trip goes well and you can try and get some things across to him on his sober vacation :smile:



That's exactly what our son told us. HE wasn't so stupid as to play around with any other drugs and, after ALL, pot wasn't REALLY a drug!

Since then, since he's been drug-free for eight months now, he's told us that, in fact, he'd tried Triple-C twice and Ecstasy a number of times last summer. Ironically, this was right around the time when our next-door neighbor's daughter (a girl who grew up with our son and his very close friend) was stopped by police who found 20 Ecstasy tablets in her car. Later, I heard my son reading her the riot act about how dumb it was to "mess around with dangerous drugs." Go figure...


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"go figure"????? Good Grief...we all have tried and keep trying
to no avail!!!!! How it is possible for so blankin' many teens
who have supportive, loving homes and endless potential to end up
in the same unacceptable lifestyle, I will never understand! DDD


Neither do I, DDD. My son was taught the "DARE" program and told to "just say no" (asinine, in my opinion) way back from Kindergarten on.

No one in our family does drugs (although we did our share of experimenting in our 20's), and my husband and I have always been VERY careful about alcohol consumption--our son has NEVER seen us so much as tipsy.

None of the above made any difference...