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    Menopause is killing me and I'm losing my mind. Went to the doctor today. I was taking ambien for several years. It's not working. The dr said to try the lunesta. I have used that in the past. It doesn't work. Does anyone have any other medications they use to help sleep? I'm not even sure anymore. Exhaustion has taken over!
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    I wish I could help you. I had to find a new way to sleep. I used to read until the words turned into rainbows. Then I turned out the light. Right now with the help of Lunesta I watch a choice of a movie that I've seen 1,000 (more than) before, and have an auto-turn off on the video player. Then when I wake up and it's dark and I put my other earplug in and my sleep mask on and sleep for a few hours.

    Thank goodness the sweats are less frequent now. The nightmare I've had for 20 years has finally stopped since we moved away from everyone. It was a silly nightmare, but it was guaranteed to panic me. I do have situational nightmares, but those are easier to deal wth because I can give them rational consideration.

    I'm unable to take HR medications because of a blood clotting disorder. I encourage you to work with your doctor to get on a regime that's right for you. Menopause the old fashioned way is NOT something I would choose. If your doctor will give you birth control pills, TAKE THEM! I missed them like crazy! Two days of PMS instead of 10 years of crazy? Oh, yeah...
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    Trazadone was a big help for me as far as sleeping goes.

    Is there a reason you're not sleeping? Instead of the generalization of menopause? Mine was the internal eternal depths of h#ll of a furnace going on in my body that seemed to only enjoy kicking on when I wanted to sleep, especially at night. I found the trick of keeping my bare feet out from under the covers helped a LOT (a fan on them helped more to cool me down). But when I'm hot, I can't sleep.......soooooo yeah. ugh
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    One thing I do is is pile my hair up in a "sloppy bun" on top of my head. This helps to keep the back of my neck cooler.
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    I am having the same issue. Ambien for years till it stopped working this summer. I am 50 and think I am in menopause but not sure. I wake up at night drenched in sweat. Tried all the other normal sleep medications before but none of them worked. Cant take trazadone because it is related chemically to serzone which sent me into a huge manic attack. So that wouldnt make me We did try trazadone and couldnt figure out why I kept needing to try more and more of it and I was getting more and more buggy the higher the dose...lmao. Right now I am on halcion and we shall see. I think I meant to say haldol but I forgot when I got to the psychiatrist's office and halcion was the sleeping medicine that came up when she searched for the older sleep medications. If this one doesnt work, she says we are out of options. It works a bit more. Sometimes it helps...lmao.
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    Thanks Wiped!! I have always had sleep issues. I'm 45 the hot flashes have come on hard and fast. There is many times during the day/night that sweat is actually dripping down my back. Some issues are that I am actually cold and hot at the same time. The dr raised my Prozac to 60 mg. told me to remember this wont last forever. Ugh. I have tried Restoril and I think trazadone. The trazadone made me very groggy in the morning. And I did not sleep. As for the birth control good idea! My husband has a vasectomy many years ago. So I haven't used anything. I haven't been to the gyno in years about 5 years ago. At which time I had an endomitroal ablation (sp) since that point I have never had a period. So I basically do not know if I have missed any periods. I'm kinda peeved at my regular md. Not even bloodwork to check my thyroid or anything just in case!! Ugh sorry so long. I'm really suffering.
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    I'm having the same issue. Can't get to sleep easily, even with Ambien, always tired, hot flashes (or I'm always hot-not sure which it is), and we still have temps in the high 90's, which doesn't help at all.
  10. GoingNorth

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    l quit cycling 2 years ago and am still having hot flashes and sweats. l'm bipolar and right now am taking Temazepam 30 mg for sleep. lt seems to be doing the job so far and unlike Ambien and Lunesta is dirt cheap and doesn't leave me loopy in the morning.
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    I am amazed that somehow we made it to this age without knowing what was in store for us. I mean, didn't we all get "the talk" prepuberty? I knew pretty much exactly what to expect then. My mom and step-mom both had hysterectomies before hitting this stage, so they just are not much help in the been there done that dept. I'm feel like I'm blazing (pun???) a new trail here. UGH!

    This perimenopausal junk is ridiculous, and I was completely unprepared for:
    - Problems sleeping (and thank you for bringing this up - thought I was just losing what's left of my mind!!!)
    - Hair loss (handfuls, daily)
    - Nails splitting constantly
    - Night sweats (or in my case waterfalls)
    - The reality of a hot flash - have yet to read a description that truly embraces the searing heat that punctuates a general sense of being on fire. If my beloved daughter asks me one more doggone time, "Are you hot AGAIN?", I think I may actually just spontaneously burst into flames.
    - Memory issues... I used to have a brain - I can't remember what that's like anymore. Completely ditzy, forgetful, clueless at this point - literally (*literally*) cannot remember conversations from 5 mins ago - did I ask that question, or did I only think about asking that question? It is *so* frustrating. I used to be a pretty sharp cookie.
    - Dull dry skin that has lost its elasticity.
    - The joys of period roulette. Every 28/35/14 days? Give me just a little hint, and PMS doesn't count anymore 'cuz I'm PMS-ing 24/7/365.
    - An overall sense of just having completely lost it.

    Poor husband - caught between a severely hormonal teenage girl and his perimenopausal wife. Bless his heart, he just brings me chocolate and hugs me as often as it's safe to get near me (okay, so not that often, but he tries). ;)

    And what *really* burns my toast about this whole stage of life is that I am reaping zero "benefits" of menopause. Seriously?

    We had all those cutesy books about puberty. We had "What to Expect When You're Expecting." I want to know, where is the durned book called "Hold onto Your Hats: Here Comes Menopause (You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet)"??????? :youarehot: (and yes, I am hot, but so *not* in a good way!!!)
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    SLSH. You pretty much summed it up. I know my mom was young. 38 and done. Stopped her period for a year then got it once and over. My family is having a hard time with me. I'm lazy. Or a cleaning fool yelling about laundry. But truly it has to be the hot flashes. It's downright embarrassing. The back of my hair gets drenched in sweat. At work. At home. At the store. I have to carry a paper towel to wipe my face, back of my neck. It's almost October and I still have the air conditioner on.
  13. KTMom91

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    Exactly...except I don't carry paper towels, I carry cute little hankies like my nana did. I can't leave my hair down or I sweat horribly. It's been so hot here (supposed to be 101 on Monday) that I just feel drained all the time. How long is this supposed to go on?
  14. bby31288

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    KT mom. According to my doctor....try to remember it doesn't last forever! Phsh. I can't wait till she is going thru it. She is young! I think I'll look for a fancy hanky! It might look nicer than my paper towel.
  15. InsaneCdn

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    My NP says the same thing... and she HAS been through it. At least that gives her more credibility...
  16. Californiablonde

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    For years I've been saying I can't wait till I hit menopause so I can stop having these damn periods. You ladies are making me rethink my position big time. I think I'll take the once a month periods over hot flashes, profuse sweating, and sleepless nights. I feel for you all. Good luck.
  17. recoveringenabler

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    I'm over that hump thankfully and have a few tips for those still suffering through.
    These helped me:
    *Avoid caffeine, sugar (even chocolate!) and alcohol, all 3 make the 'sweats' way worse
    *eat more grains, oats, brown rice, fresh fruit, veggies and almonds, nuts
    *look into Red Clover supplements, helps with "sweats"
    *Acidophilus & bifidus- good bacteria to help with metabolism & utilization of estrogen
    *Vitamin E- 400-800 IU daily
    *Calcium- 1500 mg daily
    *Magnesium- 500-750 daily
    *Vitamin C- 1000-2000 daily
    *Black Cohosh- 20-60mg 3 X day
    *Evening Primrose Oil- 500mg 3-4 X day
    *Pro-Gest- natural progesterone cream
    *Omega 3 fatty acids
    *Exercise every day as much as you can, this helps tremendously
    *Acupuncture- helps with all symptoms

    May the force be with you!
  18. bby31288

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    Recovering you lucky person! Thanks for your advice. I'll check that out! I'm sure exercise would be beneficial. I certainly don't now :/ I'm sure it wouldn't hurt!
  19. Californiablonde

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    How long is this menopaus stuff supposed to last, anyway?
  20. recoveringenabler

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    CB, it's different for everyone. The symptoms can start in what's called peri-menopause, which is the beginning and can begin in your forties and then move to menopause. I had the bulk of the symptoms at 50-52 and milder ones beforehand. But, for some women, the symptoms can last awhile longer. If you have had a hysterectomy or any kind of surgery involving the ovaries, all bets are off, that's a different story. Christiane Northrup, a Doctor and expert on Menopause has a great book out called The Wisdom of Menopause which was helpful to me. All her books were helpful.