sleeping with his girl frriend in the bed.


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My step son is 21 and my daughter is 25. We have been going in circles over the subject of sleeping with there boy friend and girl friend under my roof. I have always said nooooo !!!!!!! its wrong. If you want to act like an adult move out and get your owe house. The problem is my wife does not care. I was never able to do it when I lived with my parents. I'm out of town a lot so they all due what they want. The other day I had a talk with my son and he said It will never happen again. I woke up yesterday and his girl friend was in his bed. I was so mad.

Please what should I do.


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I think the first step is that you and your wife need to get on the same page.

Your kids are over 20. Why are they still living at home anyway? Maybe you need to ignore this "problem" per se, and focus on getting them out and independent, because that's where they need to be getting, for their own good and normal development.


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You need to have a long chat with your wife and get on the same page. It's irrelevant whether you were allowed to do this at your parents house or not. What's important is that you and your wife agree to the house rules and then stick to them. Once the household rules are firmly established between you and your wife, inform the children. If they don't like it or want to break the rules behind your back, at 21 and 25, then its time for them to make their way out in the world. Honestly, its probably time for that anyway but this is your business, not mine.

By the way, due to the age of your children the appropriate forum would be Parents Emeritus. General Parenting is for discussing children under 18 and welcome to the site!