Sleepover a success but cut short .....

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    difficult child had his first sleepover since psychiatric hospital fall of 2007. The plans were for him to be dropped off at home late morning and have easy child watch him until about 5:00. A true test to see if he has the foundational skills to take a trip with his aunt and uncle this Spring.

    I planned to leave town at 8:00 to give me plenty of time to get to Fargo - incase the roads were bad. At about 8:45 (just as I hit submit to the Good Morning post), I received a phone call. My friend was calling to say she was going to be taking the boys home earlier than planned. She and her husband both became sick overnight (flu like symptoms). I told her I would pick up difficult child on the way out of town.

    The sleepover went very well. difficult child said he only had a little bit of trouble going to sleep. He did not get anxious at all. It sounded like the other guest was having a little more trouble falling asleep and was keeping difficult child up. Just normal sleep over stuff.

    He passed that test! :)

    I did put him to another test today. I dropped him and husband off at Scheels while I went to two of my stores. I needed to have some alone shopping time - difficult child was pestering me at one of the last stores to leave. Why can my family members get it that the more they pressure me to leave a store, the longer it takes me to think and thus the longer we stay? Just keep quiet and leave me alone. I told him that today was MY day, that I didn't always get to go to all my stores. He said that was my choice that I always willingly said that I could do my stores another day. Yes, those were my choices and today is MY day - today is "another day".

    So, the second test was leaving him at Scheels with husband. difficult child asked if I remembered what happened last time I did this. Yes, I do remember but I am not worried about it. I feel difficult child is healthier and can face this without those feelings. (difficult child couldn't find husband and had feelings of jumping from the balcony.) I told difficult child that if he couldn't find husband, than he was to sit in the benches across from the ferris wheel and I will find him there at 3:30. (1 1/4 hr from dropping them off)

    difficult child passed this second test as well. (I knew he would!)

    And, I am going back to Fargo on Friday - on my own - for a stress test. I am sure it will be hard to catch me in a stressful state since I will be in such a good relaxing mood because it will truly be MY DAY! No one to question why I am going where I am going - no one to watch the clock to leave the store in time to meet somewhere. My stress is melting just thinking of it!
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    That's a wonderful report! :D I remember your post about his jumping urges. He has come a long way. And you expressing your confidence in him before you left has to help a lot, too.

    Glad he enjoyed the sleepover. It's not very often our difficult child's get a chance to have these, and it's great when everything works out like it does for a easy child kid!