sleepover exhaustion and milkshake


trying to survive....
difficult child did great during the sleepover-- :bravo:

easy child/difficult child, was unable to fall asleep and basically "stayed up all night". He went into the family room and just watched cartoons for "hours". I don't know how late he actually was up, but he was clearly sleep deprived when I got him.

He was totally "wired/hyperactice" when visiting the school for Open House and he was grumpy all day long--grumpy that at times turned into anger with his brother.

The babysitter finally called me after easy child was kicking difficult child in the stomach--and not listening or responding to babysitter.

So I had to leave work early to take care of the situation. After a discussion it was decided he was going to his room to go to bed and that he was unable to watch TV and/or do electronics tonight due to the way he treated his brother and babysitter.

He also missed his music lesson becuase he was sleeping (and I still had to pay for the lesson !!! :thumbsdown:) (The music teacher was not planning on taking the money, but I felt like he came out here for a service and it's not his fault easy child went crazy and had to crash and sleep--I'm sure he'll extend lessons in the future to make up for it)

He fell asleep by 4:15 and hopes to sleep through the night...

Now this is the crazy part....I came home from work and he was really out of sorts. I insisted he come in the car with me to go to the bank. During the ride we talked a bit and I discussed the big issues for the day....and in truth--somehow--when he's really falling apart due to major hunger--food helps--or sugar helps--he acutally eats something sweet and calms down--I thought he didn't have lunch and I got him a small milkshake from McDonalds...and he did calm down...and he did go to bed...and he did admit his actions were totally unacceptalbe and he did say that he should lose electronics...and everything seems, better, but I gave in to the food thing--Part of me thinks I'm a total fool for giving a child who was almost out of control a milkshake ...and the other half just knows that at times the food helps...and it's what he needs....If I didn't get it for him, his mood would have lasted much longer and things may have gotten worse....Sleep deprivation is really bad for easy child and I guess I know this so I gave in--I hope it wasn't a bad decision.


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Well, guess I'll try posting again. Let's hope this works.

You know your child best. You know he does not do well when sleep-deprived. You know a mild sugar rush will help him focus enough to be at least semi-rational. You gave him a milkshake. He calmed down, talked rationally, went to sleep. So, where did you give in?


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When I was pregnant, if I even thought I was hungry, I was in a bad mood. If you actually let me get hungry, you'd better run as far away from me as you can. Sometimes I try to think about my kids and their hormones and recall pregnancy hormones. I say, you know your kid. If it helped him, it was the right decision to make.

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I think you handled it beautifully! My easy child turns into a total difficult child after a sleepover. Speaking of which she is going to one tomorrow night. We'll have to hide all day Sunday!


Lack of sleep and lack of food are always major triggers for difficult child behavior. If it takes a milkshake, it takes a milkshake. Hope everyone gets some sleep tonight.


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I dont think you did a thing wrong!

Sugar doesnt help me, I need protein. If I wait too long to eat and my blood sugar tanks I get shaky and feel bad and boy do I get moody. I dont have diabetes but I have hypoglycemia and it can really make my mood swings worse. So I try to remember to eat some protein fairly often through out the day.

If I dont...Im a