Slippery Today...... Maybe Tomorrow


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So......... Son relapsed (Meth) 10 days ago. I responded fairly well with him and toward him. However, I find all these days later (as of yesterday, actually) that I am suddenly seeing a great deal of unexpected stress response erupt from me in 2 other areas of my life over this last couple of days. Ouch. I'd be silly not to think there is a connection. I'm sure there is.

Not sure why I'm writing this here, except to say that I'm trying to be as honest, acknowledging and proactive as I can be. Not feeling so grateful today. I'm sure it will return, because I know it's there. But today it's a little slippery. Maybe tomorrow.

It's a wild ride some days. How's that for an understatement?


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Remember, that relapse is a part of recovery. If you can talk him into rehab right away, best to stop the relapse early. He may not be willing, but you can suggest it. My daughter quit and relapsed a few times before finally quitting for good (twelve years). Please keep the faith. This young man did quit once and he is capable of doing it again, but it has to be on his terms.

I can't see how a suggestion would be enabling him in any way. He may just need to hear somebody say it.

Hugs and crossing every body part that can be crossed for you an d your dear son.


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Good morning Headlights...I'm sorry about your son's relapse. And most of all, for its effect on you, which is so normal. Be kind to yourself right now. Of course it affects you.

Not sure why I'm writing this here, except to say that I'm trying to be as honest, acknowledging and proactive as I can be.

Being honest is the #1 principle of recovery. First, figuring out what the truth is...about us...about them...about where we are...about the work we still have to do on ourselves...and then acknowledging it...and then...accepting it.

Perfection is not the standard. Don't try to be perfect. Just be who you are, where you are.

Remember, that relapse is a part of recovery.

Relapse is a part of OUR recovery as well. We are recovering from enabling. We are learning how to let go and accept what is. It is very hard to do.

Walking through our down times is part of it, and on the other side, you will find again what you have learned.

I remember going down hard many times after I started changing and letting go of my son. Friends here on this board would remind me of all I had learned and how much I had grown...and that I would find my recovery again.

Give yourself a day or two to feel your feelings. Your feelings are real. But you don't have to act on them. Just let them flow through you and acknowledge them. They will pass.

This was one of the most important things I have ever learned in my life.

You will be okay. You have already made tremendous progress in letting go of people, places and things. It is the pathway to peace. Just keep walking, even if it's a slow walk right now.

Warm hugs this morning. We're here, we understand and we care.