Slumber Party!!

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    Last night Jessie wanted to watch a dvd with me. Since husband is having rouble hooking up the new dvd recorder with the satellite syste we decided to curl up and watch it on my computer in our king size bed. husband didn't want to see the show so he said he would sleep on the couch.

    We had such a lovely sleepover! I am increasingly worried about the all over shaking that started up again. The extrapyramidal response is what it is called. So part of last night was letting me see how it goes while she sleeps. Sadly sleep does not stop it.. Have a call into the doctor already.

    Once the kids reach a certain age we don't snuggle them to sleep or just watch them sleep. I had a thoroughly wonderful time doing just that with Jessie. thank you is next!!!He won't want an all night snuggle but he would let me read to him.

    Enjoy your kids on this lovely weekend!