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    Today, difficult child decided to wear his new football jersey underneath his uniform shirt. Fridays are church days, so the kids not only wear khaki pants, belts, dress shoes, and white shirts, but they also wear ties and sportcoats.
    Gft wore a white dress shirt over the jersey, then put on a school sweatshirt over that, so he did not need to wear a tie. (Supposedly.) It was 35 degrees.

    His homeroom teacher saw it, and said she'd let it go this time.
    The math and science teacher saw it, and wrote him up for it. He told her that the homeroom teacher let it go, and the response was, "You're in my room right now, not hers."

    Aaargh. So much for consistency.

    She's the one who's been so hard on difficult child from the get-go. She's a dismal dump of a person and I've only seen her smile twice all yr. (I suspect she's right up there with-the school counselor on the other thread who talks about idiot-savants.)

    I realize difficult child is doing horribly in math (he's picking up a bit in science) but I think she's making things worse by honing in on anything and everything he does wrong. You can bet that other kids--"A" students--get away with-murder.

    If difficult child is asked to leave on Mon at the mtng, I will be as relieved as he is that we don't have to deal with-her any more. Obviously, the feeling is mutual. I think she believes that difficult child was put on this planet solely to annoy her.

    Too bad difficult child now has two girls who like him in class and he's actually making friends ... :whiteflag:

    Some day, if difficult child is a famous football player or computer programmer, I'm going to mail her a newspaper announcement about him ... :laugh:
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    Some day, if difficult child is a famous football player or computer programmer, I'm going to mail her a newspaper announcement about him ... :laugh:

    That would be a little victory :).
    Sounds like she's someone who is either too bored to care if she manages to make a difference, or too eager for a big case to solve where others will see how good she is at her job. Neglecting the day to day stuff....(like my "idiot")
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    It can be a vicious circle with a child who isn't doing well in a particular class - often if the teacher is open and easy to approach, the student will do better. But even the best student will do badly if the teacher terrifies them.

    I remember transferring to a new high school and being put into the top class (much to my surprise). The Maths teacher was a harridan, I was terrified of her. So were most of the other students. I did badly in her class (although I did pass). The following year I had a darling of a man as Maths teacher, he even let me waste time in class writing letters to my friend instead of doing work. Despite my time-wasting, I topped the class by the half-yearly...

    I've seen it time and time again. A teacher who is kind and encouraging will get the best out of the students, while a bully will only make it worse and drive the self-esteem and output of the students down.

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    I agree. Thank you.
    Only 28 more hours until D-Day ...