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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Hound dog, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Hound dog

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    Still no pics. We keep getting excuses. No surprise, really. I told Nichole just today that stepgfg can get a disposable digital camera, take the memoory stick into wallie world, then have them send it to ours and we can develop the pics ourselves. I think Nichole is going to mention it next time.

    Of course there has to be pics.:mad:

    All emails are short and basically full of no info whatsoever. At times she mentions how poor they are and how hard a time she's having buying the kids stuff for school. If that's truely the case, then welcome to the club. sheesh

    Once every so often she'll mention that Kayla loves the idea of having aunts and uncles and grandparents and cousins. Nichole told her that she'd have really had them if stepgfg hadn't taken off. :rofl:

    (me thinks Nichole is losing patience. ;) )

    Several times Nichole has asked about stepgfg's bio Mom. This may seem weird to some, but we were actually close to her for years and years. But I haven't talked with her since stepgfg pulled this stunt except to warn her the girl was on her way to do to her what she'd pulled on us.

    Each time stepgfg ignores the question completely. Hmmmmmm. Interesting.

    Still no real info on the kids. Not even the 2 yr old Evan, whom we've never even met. You'd think she'd be filling us in with all sorts of news. Nothing. This is just too weird. Even for stepgfg.

    Last email she asked about mother in law. Nichole told her that their grandmother was still going strong. I think this was attempting to find out if her grandmother had passed and left her anything. She's in for a rude awakening there. lol

    Another thing I find strange........

    Stepgfg wasn't the brightest crayon in the box. But then she was far from stupid and would've done well in school if she'd applied herself. As I read these emails...............The girl can't spell worth a darn. Easy words. Didn't even spell her grandmother's name right Elise. She had it Ese?? Now come on, she's spelled that name on dozens upon dozens of letters over the years. Guess maybe the drugs have gotten to her brains.:( At first I thought maybe she was in a hurry. But this is in every email. Sometimes so bad it's like working code.

    Oh, well.

    Then I think. Hmmmm. For someone wanting to reconcile she has made no move toward any other member of the family. easy child and Travis are easily accessable via Nichole's mySpace page.

    There is a positive to this though. Memories of that time are re-surfacing for Nichole. And it's turning out to be a very good thing.;)
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    Hmmmm, No pics? You sure she even has the kids? Like yourself I think thats very odd. Any MOM that has her heart and soul into being a Mommy will boast about their kiddos. Somethings definitely not right here. I am hoping that Nichole is also seeing this and opts to cease all contact with her.
  3. hearts and roses

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    I hope it turns out to be at least a good thing for Nicole. Re: the spelling. difficult child was an amazing speller from her first word, I swear. But with the increase in using small technological devices, such as texting and IM-ing, she has lost it. I have found that with all the young adults these days. They can't even be bothered checking their spelling, even when it's not a text! easy child's first drafts always scare in, "You're not going to hand that in like THAT, are you??"...but she does some good editing. Her teachers would throw it back at her if she didn't. Anyway, that's my theory.
  4. susiestar

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    With the history of drug use, it may well have scrambled her brain so that she can't spell anymore. One of my aunts dated a druggie for a long time and I can remember him "helping" me with spelling when I was a little kid (elementary school age). Some days he was fine and some days he couldn't spell his OWN NAME!!

    The texting and IMing also has an effect, in my opinion!!

    I don't think she has the kids. I would be scared for htem if they were in her care and she can't share details of their lives with you. I really think that points to her not having them so not knowing about them.

    I hope Nichole can process the memories in a healthy way!
  5. Hound dog

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    Well. I got a shocker tonight.

    easy child asked Nichole when she can email stepgfg and give her a piece of her mind. easy child has been holding off for Nichole's sake, and because we were hoping for info on the kids.

    Nichole told her to go ahead. She's tired of stepgfg's whining. She said that it's obvious stepgfg hasn't changed and most likely doesn't even have the kids. That she was probably just hoping to get money.

    So.......This might turn interesting. lol

    But at least Nichole is resolving that chapter in her life. Having the memories re-surface has let her ask questions and look at it from an adult point of view.
  6. KTMom91

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    Sounds like Nichole has a good handle on this. So sorry it's happening, though.