Small World.......Good Grief!

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by DDD, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. DDD

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    I'm a "big City girl" who ended up in a small town. Major sigh! This week I hired a woman to help me at the store because I am "BEYOND" behind on paperwork and taxes etc since I became ill. :sigh: Turns out easy child/difficult child and her son used to "hang out" "her house". OMG! Didn't expect that one. DDD
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    So true DDD!!!

    Recently found out, when husband had lunch with "former" pastor, JUST how small the world is (thanks to the internet). Pastor had googled our last name and found young difficult child's Mugshot! Yikes!

    I understand,
  3. Nancy

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    You know DDD I find that small world thing to be truer all the time.
  4. DDD

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    She's 46 and a heck of a worker. I get the impression from easy child/difficult child that she may have "toked" etc. at one time but truthfully I don't care in May 2012. I have a worker who shows up on time, works consistently, is funny and WTH more could I ask for. LOL DDD
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    Well DDD,
    She sounds like good medicine to hard for ya AND makes you laugh!!!

  6. DDD

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    Amen, LMS. :) DDD