smallworld --how is your son doing?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by pepperidge, Dec 23, 2007.

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    Hi smallworld

    Perhaps I missed it, but I have been thinking about you and wondering how your son is doing in Wisc. How are you doing with him gone?

    Please update us if you want. I am hoping that it has not been too traumatic for you all.

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    Hi, thanks for asking. Unfortunately, we couldn't get J to the adolescent psychiatric program in Wisconsin because he was petrified about being away from home (the program is voluntary and he would have had to have signed himself in). In the end we placed him in an adolescent day treatment program at a local psychiatric hospital. He's been attending weekdays since December 12. In true difficult child fashion, J is being oppositional about "getting with the program." He's so anxious about going that he stays up until the wee hours of the morning. husband and I are two very tired parents.

    The good news is that J's attending psychiatrist is reputed to be one of the best psychopharmacologists in the area and is making mega medication changes that we hope will make a difference. Right off the bat, the psychiatrist dropped J's stimulant (Focalin XR) and SSRI (Lexapro) and added a second mood stabilizer (Zonegran) because he is seeing mood instability (depression and mania). This is not something our outside psychiatrist, whom J has been seeing weekly for two years, ever offered. Fingers crossed that we start to see a change in a few weeks.

    J will be in day treatment over winter break -- every day but Christmas and New Year's Day. He's very unhappy about that, but I think it's a welcome break for the girls and me.

    Again, thanks for thinking of us. Hope all is well with you and your crew.
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    Sorry to hear about J. I've been reading about him.

    Sounds like alot of changes are being made. Hope they help him. medications are so hard ~ glad you're happy with the choices the new doctor is making.

    Hang in there, my friend.
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    Good Luck! I hope that you see some positive changes!