"smart pen'' for short-term memory? Thoughts?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by barneysmom, Oct 19, 2010.

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    What do you guys think about this "smartpen" as part of assistive technology for our kids with poor short-term memory or auditory processing issues, or lots of other things I can think of. The short-term memory part leapt out at me for both my difficult children. I read about it in a wrightslaw newsletter.


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    I think these pens may prove usefull in some cases - not sure they are on the school's radar yet...

    My easy child was actually looking into it for college so that she could put her notes on the computer, but found that just typing them on her laptop in lectures was cheaper!! She was actually drawn to them originally because they also record audio (i.e., if you can't read your notes or the technology can't figure it out, you can hit a button and it will playback in audio from that point on).

    I had looked into it a little for my difficult child but his issues involve more non verbal lds and dysgraphia - have to be able to write notes for the pen to work! Also, I wondered if the whole pen thing might be more distracting to him. Part of his "deal" is that he prefers writing in pencil because the friction of the lead on the paper. Plus, I wouldn't trust my 15 year old difficult child with an expensive piece of technology like that at school!

    But I think it definately has possibilities...

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    I saw a demonstration at a Tourette Syndrome support group. It was quite impressive. The person I saw demonstrate it had fine motor skill issues and could not take notes quickly enough, so he wrote what he could in either words or symbols.
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    Hubby has one of those pens, and absolutely loves it.
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    I use mine daily for my memory loss issues; I'm looking at one for kt as she's learning to take notes during online lectures.

    For me it's an invaluable instrument ~ I have so much information thrown at me on a daily basis; I record all of my appts for myself, the tweedles, etc.
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    That looks amazing. Definitely going to look into that for all of us!