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My 17-year-old son is a decent student and a good kid. Last year he was caught with drug paraphernalia and was offered diversion classes to expunge his citation. A couple of months later I tracked him smoking pot in a park nearby. Fortunately I caught him and not police. I did drug testing for a while but stopped. He's an athlete and is going to play his sport on n college. Last night he was smoking pot in his room. Why he thought that would be ok is a mystery to me. Seemed horribly disrespectful to me and I was at a loss. What to do ...


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Puzzled, I am puzzled about the relaxed attitude about pot (I can't get used to calling it weed, I guess that makes me old!), and I am not at all sure about legalizing it. Mostly because it stinks and it makes people dull.
I think that young people don't see the harm in smoking it when they know that it is legal in some states, and getting caught smoking it often means as little as being fined. Maybe young people see it as a "natural" and therefore benign substance.
I'm not really helping you here, and I'm sorry you are dealing with this. You are right to be concerned about his behavior when it flies in the face of being given a second chance.
Hopefully he sees the light and stops. Hang in there.


Facts...absolutely do not allow it in your home or while he lives with you.

Sad it will or may continue.

If you see my signature..although our son is in recovery, admits pot will be part of his adult future when on his own. It has been so talked about and legalized that most young accept it. It's not going away...but your rules stand firm. Talk about it...why does he like it...?? If it's illegal there...then end of discussion.

Like alcohol... because of then becomes a choice. You can guide him hopefully to. Better choices while he's young.

Good luck...we have the t shirt......hang in there...and's very popular with athletes in high school.

Your not alone!

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I am one of the few people here who don't have an issue with weed. I look on it like alcohol. Some people can smoke here and there, some people can smoke daily and his has no impact on their life, and some people cannot use it responsibly.

That being said, like alcohol I don't think children should be indulging. I also think that people who have a problem with addiction should be indulging, either.

If it is illegal in your state, and I am assuming that is the case, then, like any other illegal activity, you son should not be indulging.

I am sure that you cannot keep him from ever smoking, but you can make rules for your own house and rules that govern your own underage kids.

I would absolutely give him a consequence for breaking house rules.