snacks that say yum < 200 calories!

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    I posted information from the SparkPeople site before because I was so impressed with the way they present ideas about nutrition and healthier living.

    This link is about savory snacks that are less than 200 calories apiece. I took a look and I know that most of them would satisfy me when the munchies hit:

    I had to come back and edit here; the snacks are actually less than 250 calories, not 200 as I originally said.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Ya know what? I looked at the counts for each of those 12 posted and none were over 200, and some were close to 100 or less. So it's great no matter how you look at it. My problem is I want someone ELSE to make it for me! :D (Yeah, I'm lazy, okay!)