Snort - (echo, echo,,,,,,,echo)

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  1. Star*

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    OMG this was soooooo funny -

    I've posted before about our neighbor that has had more than their fair share of 'par-tays' with extremely loud music. In the past we have either let it go, or hooked up some of Dudes concoctions which are (trust me) are phenominally loud, and shared our own brand back.

    Tonight however I finally came up with the answer - Whatever song they were playing? I found in our compilations - and started it mid-way and pointed our speakers back to them - and played TOO. (snort) - ever hear two songs going at the same time only 1/2 way through? It was like a sad hip hop version of row, row, row your boat. VERY annoying (to me - very funny)

    Within four songs - the stereo went under the radar and I stopped hearing the thump, thump, thump in my heart, heart, heart, in my house, house, house - from the kids down the street, street, street.

    Talk about the old lady wreckin your mojo. mojo, mojo...
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    Nice one!
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    back in the days when rap music was first becoming popular (right after husband got out of the Army), we had the same "bass you can feel in your bones" problem with one neighbor.

    At that time, we had a kickin' air suspended speaker system. One night husband got fed up with it and put the speakers up by the window and kicked on 'Fiddler on the Roof". Trust me, Iced Tea cannot compete with 'Fiddler" played full blast on a set of high end Cerwin-Vegas.

    These days? I listen to CDs played on the laptop. My hearing is so shot from the years in the old fashioned computer room days that I can't tell the difference.
  5. Star*

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    OMG - the neighbor lady across the street? Just yelled at me " Honey, I ain't never seen nobody git down like you was in yo' front yard to ARETHA' chain of fools like that before - you go girl!" :916blusher: I feel sorry for the neighbor - when I dance? It's a combination of Steve Martins' - The Jerk and someone that thinks she can dance.

    - Apparently I was enjoying it a little too much, but man can those women sing. (Aretha and Mary J.)
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    Nice one, Star! I wish I had something that would play music REALLLLLY LOUD!

    I live right next to a city-owned parking lot that the local kids have turned into party central! They congregate there while they're cruising through town and it's not long before one of them cranks up the "music" and the glass in my windows is vibrating again! You can't really call it music, it's just bass that's so loud it peels the paint off the walls. I've called the police before when they kept it up late at night - they scatter like roaches! If I had some REALLLLLY LOUD speakers I would put on one of my Andrea Bocelli CD's and aim it right at them!
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    VERY good! I wouldn't have the ability to do that ... unless I had really good earplugs.
    Heh heh.
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    ROFLMAO Star! When you move to ohio you seriously must consider my small town.

    By the way..........nearly choked to death on my pepsi when I read that the neighbor shouted to you. I should know better than to put food or drink near my mouth when reading one of your posts. lol
  9. ThreeShadows

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    Poor boys! I bet their mojo won't be risin' for quite some time. Outdone by an "old lady"!!!
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    You know, Star, you might not even have to turn up your own stereo. Just go outside and dance your heart out every time they turn theirs up.
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    Loooooooooooooooooooooooove it!!
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    Too, too funny, Star!
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    Star the funny/fun neighbor makes up for the icky one. LOL.
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    too funny
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    Dude called me the other day. The boys friends apparently have acquired a PA system that has the fog horn part that is the size of a road side trash can. (OF COURSE I ASKED if it was HOT) and it's not. Someones brothers, uncles, cousins, nephews, fathers, brothers, buddys, ----friend worked for the city and it came off a bridge. It's the horn off a bridge. Okay so now you have some idea of how loud this speaker horn is.

    You'd have to really understand when I tell you that Dude enjoys music loud - I mean loud - louder than loud, cracked the windows in the bedroom loud (not joking). Okay - so anyway long story short - a police officer was sent to Dudes house recently with a warrant for DaddyDisney and when he arrived? He questioned Dude about his loud music, but also commented that he was proud that Dude was NOT into the drugs like daughter. When the officer spotted the bridge speaker he chuckled and said "WHAT IS THAT?" and Dude said "I KNOW....AiN't IT COOL? I'm going to hook it up to my car! Did you see my car?" and takes him outside to show him how he's going to hook it up in the trunk and everything. The officer just smacked his hand over his head and said "PLEASEEEEEE make sure you only drive on days I'm NOT on patrol Dude - Okay?" and chuckled.

    He's actually had it hooked UP to his home speakers already and the neighbor lady came and knocked on his door and he said she just stood in the door and shook her head no.....with her arms crossed. LOL - I'm thinking "What a good Mom." He unhooked it right away but he said "OMG MOM you can hear it for like a mile - really good." (NOW? I'm considering buying it from him) lol. hehehehehe.

    I could-------put on my own show. Of course I'd need a wig......and a flashy dress. "Proud Mary keep on turning - rolling - rolling - rolling down the river." You know I would roll my hands in front and bend over then stand up really quick......roll em again.....then for the finale? Do jazz hands and body! Whooooo! Whoooooo! Whoooooooo!

    (If you think that's sad you should have seen the impromptu choreography for Chain of Fools....) Fool woulda been about right.
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    This story reminds me of the time husband had his diesel truck "turned up". The guy said he could make it so the "smoke" (aka diesel fumes) didn't come out so black. He said, nope, when one of those kids are playing their pollution, I'll show them mine. LOL

    P.S. I never claimed he was an environmentalist.
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    Star, you are my hero
  19. Star*

    Star* call 911

    tawnya - ROFLm smokestack off....

    timmy - you can dance -
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    We're sooo soul sisters, I'm telling you! When crazy guy out back was at it a couple years back with his cranked music that nobody understood (including HIM, it was music from his families days living in Saudi, yet english is HIS only language) I took it for a while. But eventually I could not handle it. I put the surround sound system on awful settings (major bass etc, sounded horrible), turned the speakers to a joining wall, and put on the most annoying heavy metal music you'd ever imagine. I turned it so loud I couldn't have stood it for more than a minute or two. I then left the house for the afternoon. When I came back my ears were killing me just getting in the door and over to the off switch. I never again heard music like that coming through the wall.

    I wanna be your neighbor. Move here!