snow and sore throats

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by dreamer, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. dreamer

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    Vent here, LOL

    We survived whatever illness came thru last week, with the puking etc. We survived the 35 below even easy child made it to school fine with the car that day.
    Now we have a new weather issue, - more snow- again. <sigh> LOL AND we now have sore throats and headaches running thru the house.
    It's kinda like a roller coaster, warm, pleasant, fog, rain, sleet, ice, snow, below zero and then start all over again. Such extremes. We have had such warm days it is not funny, and such cold days it is incredible, yeesh, sometimes in the SAME day this winter. And my house has had more little illnesses this winter than usual.
    So, here we are with a snowstorm working and sore throats going strong.
    Ah well, I have the sherbert, tea, cocoa, chicken soup, jello, oranges apples and bananas, and we have the doggie and kitties to snuggle up with. And the new cozy Christmas PJs have been getting a good workout. LOL
  2. WhymeMom?

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    All you can do is prepare and it sounds like you have! Take care, stay's coming my way next..........
  3. dreamer

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    well, the snow did come, and looking at TV a LOT of schools are closed, but not ours. The roads are worse than usual for a storm this time, we do not know WHY. We have not heard a plow yet and it has been coming down hard since dusk. I cleared the cars 3 times so far but again you cannot tell I did anything at all to them, LOL. Glad I do not have to be anywhere tomorrow!
    easy child had built a snowman awhile back, and last week it finally succumbed to the rain, maybe I can get youngest to build a new one tomorrow. :) Thank goodness so far it has not dropped in temps to anywhere near as cold as a few days ago.

    Everyone keep warm and safe!

    Well, I'll be a monkeys uncle! Our school called a SNOW DAY! When I turned TV off around 2 am, they had not called it yet. PCs bfs mom drives a bus for district, LOL, the elem school kids should be halfway to school by now but,, they just now called it. easy child was jumping up and down (the other 2 kids are homeschooled)
    I went and peeked out the window? Unbelieveable- our street they ALWAYS keep plowed first? It has been snowing since dusk yesterday- but- NO PLOW has been thru even yet! My Durango shows thru the snow, but my VW bug? Its buried! Wow.
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    I hope the sore throats are gone soon! I hear you about this winter-it's been an amazing one-not sure yet if it's good or bad. I vote you call your own snow day for your kids!
  5. busywend

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    Dreamer, we had a big weather day here today, too.

    Lots of ice to scrape off the windshield! I love my electric starter in this weather. I have no garage - yuck!

    I did run over a chunk of ice and it caused my muffler to fall and it is dragging on the ground. I will have to get somewhere first thing in the AM - auto shops were closed when it happened.

    I hate to say it 'out loud' but, I have kept the germs at bay so far in this household. No great illness so far! I do feel lucky - it seems to be everywhere!

    I hope you all get rid of the bad germs for good very soon!
  6. dreamer

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    OOO thats the pits about the muffler! Hope it is not too $$ to take care of.

    I had to go to the bank, could not get anyone in the house to I shoveled in a hurry to get to bank, then came home and shoveled more. JUst when I gave out, and finished clearing the other cars, planning to go in and have a cuppa hmj and make dinner, out comes darned husband......telling me I did not "do it good enough" I almost ran him over with the car (accidentally cuz he came out as I was coming into driveway again with the cars) and when he said that, GRRR --well then I wanted to hit him hard, LOL.
    Yungest came out ealrier with this elec snow shovel thingie, but, I have this .aversion? to all these "toys" I do better with a rake than a leaf blower and I do better with a shovel than this dumb elec shovel thing. SO youngest horsed around with that and meanwhile he cleared zip and I cleared maybe a third. He gave up and went back in. easy child went to work, I stopped in her work, and I said aw dearie....good luck getting YOUR car in after work when it freezes. (she complained a few days ago how hard it is to get her car to "hop" the ridge the snow plow makes at end of driveway) Oldest difficult child asked me, mom will you take me to library? I LOL at her and said awww.......MY car won't hop that snow plow ridge. Dig it out, I will consider it. (Do to get, right?) SHe decided to go to bed, instead. I am thinking gosh gee......heck with them, I Have been shoveling and running errands all day-----I think I will leave them on their own to fix their own dinner. LOL. Gosh you know I am SOOO tired from shoveling alone.

    Nah, we do have a garage, so many others I know- it's full of everything but the car.