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    Well since my job was outsourced last June, and I commute 65 miles one way on a busy interstate of 6 lanes of biggest fear was snow. If it takes me 2 hours to get here now in stop and go traffic, what will happen when it snows.

    I only work 3 nights a week and ofcourse the snow is suppose to start tonight about midnight and continue through saturday PM.

    I am lucky to have my sister live only 8 miles away. I stay at her house on Fridays and normally would drive home and back on Saturdays. However when I mentioned to her I was afraid to drive in the snow both ways, she didn't seem to think it was something to worry about. I feel out of place and don't sleep more than 2 or 3 hours when I am there. Her kids told me not to drive due to the weather report saying the worst is around 7am which is when I am done. The kids told me to come back to their house. But my sister didn't. I am debating going to her house, or going to a nearby hotel. I just can't make that drive in the heavy snow. Plus Lake affect. I drive from Wisconsin to Chicago and it is all affected by the lake too.

    I would of loved to have a snow free winter!!
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    Hmmm. If it turns into quite a lot of snow do you have the fund to stay a longish time at a hotel? If not, I'd go to your sisters to avoid getting stuck somewhere else.

    Snow doesn't bother me too much, although I'm not overly fond of highway/freeway driving in it............... it's not me it's all the other idiots on the road who DON"T know how to drive in snow that drive me insane. ugh
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    Snow/ice driving really scares me. Those early hours are nasty, everything packed down into ice, some of the coldest hours, and the salt trucks may or may not have gotten around there yet or enough. I know plenty of people here that consider my snow fear to be silly, but they grew up with this stuff, I didn't. Given a chance to NOT make a 65 mile drive in the snow and not risk getting wrecked, stuck, stranded, etc., I'd take it.