So after all that nonsense .....

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with wm's Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) therapist telling me that we MUST have a meeting; that wm must be told he cannot come home EVER, yada, yada, yada - making me feel the worst parent in the world because I chose kt over wm. Mental health case manager put an end to that until all parties concerned are in the same room.

Yup, another one of those meetings. psychiatrist, attachment tdocs, Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) tdocs, day treatment providers, PCAs reps, respite providers - CADI manager, & 3 or 4 other SWs just for the hell of it.

Mental health CM informed me today that Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) therapist was off base - wm cannot be told never or his group home placement is at risk before the court. CM will not go before a judge & tell him anything but reuinification as the plan. It may not be before he's 18 but that is the plan.

Having said that, all this garbage dumped on me because I wasn't visiting enough - CM told me 2 minutes of contact a week fulfills what must be done for the court. husband has been fulfilling that. The judge is also taking into consideration the "kt factor".

Mental health CM also said that wm's therapeutic team isn't communicating with any of us & are making decisions with-o checking in with him or the treatment lead - attachment therapist. Not tolerated.

He also let me know that kt will be represented & advocated for in any meeting of the minds. This isn't just about kt or just about wm, but about family. CM will remind all involved that this is FAMILY social services, not wm or kt social services.

Now, it comes down to getting all these professionals in one place at one time. I thought I'd invite my therapist along just for shi%s & giggles. :smile:

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The Mental Health CM sounds like a good person to have on your team! I hope then everyone will be on the same page-hugs!

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I have to agree. Sounds like you have one awesome CM! It's good to have someone like that in your corner!



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I really do not know how you can handle all that you do. I guess we do what we have to do. You have my upmost respect, and sympathy for dealing with professionals who at times do not behave professionally.


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Wow. :::picks jaw up off of floor and brings eyebrows back down to a respectable level::: I am amazed daily at all that you juggle and cope with on regular basis.

You have one rockin CM it sounds like. That's great. Grab on and don't let go!

And if you can, I would totally bring along your therapist! LOL More than just for $hi#'s & that you don't have to recount the entire event to him/her! LOL Saves time and energy! :wink:


It's too sad some have such tunnel vision and slip back to the "parent is the problem" thinking.

This turn of events must be such a relief!

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You know, Sheila, this is what it all became about this past few days - the parents. And I wanted to scream at the "I chose kt over wm" garbage. wm's dangerous behaviors dictated this placement.

So while I have very little influence over my son because he is in this group home it's now thought my visits, phone calls, etc, will all of a sudden be the "miracle cure". Hasn't been in the past - won't change things now.

And my life is to suddenly be revolving around wm. After all of this time with weekly visits & twice weekly phone calls, it's been deemed to not be enough.

wm is feeling hopeless - the reality is wm isn't going to be living here for a very long time if ever. There's too much that wm cannot/will not change & there is the "kt factor" - her fear/anxieties of wm living here.

My head spins - when kt is doing "well", wm bottoms out & vice versa.

Thank you all - I'm glad for respite this coming weekend.