So Angry and Frustrated!


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I am so angry at one of my doctors!!! I see a pain management doctor because I have severe arthritis, fibromyalgia and approximately 27 days of migraines per month. That 27 is on a good month, some months they are just constant. I have even named a few of them that won't go away for weeks or months at a time. I am very allergic to NSAIDS including aleve, six rx versions, and ibuprofen. I don't tolerate oral steroids because I have severe ulcer scars in my stomach. Pain medications are really the only option to cope other than muscle relaxers.

My pain doctor was changed a few years ago when the practice split because one doctor didn't like the focus on procedures where if a patient didn't want a procedure then they could not be seen again. The procedures are painful, risky and rarely produce any positive results. Since this new doctor took over my care, my pain levels are up enormously, she flat out does not care, and half of my appointments begin with hearing her scream at a patient or nurse in another room from where I am waiting. Often she can be heard in the waiting room when she is screaming from the far back of the practice (over 200 feet away - they have a floor of a building). THe doctor that left cared, objected to pressuring patients to do procedures if they didn't help in the past, and objected to pressuring patients to use the pharmacy that 2 of the doctors own in their building.

My current doctor and her staff cannot count to 30. I get 30 days of medications each 'month'. I put quotes around "month" because sometimes I get a refill in 30 days, sometimes it is 35 between refills, and sometimes it is even 42 days between refills. Physical dependence is a fact with these medications, and going without is painful. As it is I deal with it a few days a month from throwing up medications due to migraines. I cannot handle much more.

I just found my old pain doctor. His office says that as soon as a referral is made they will contact me in a few days and make an appointment for within a week or so. I am praying this is true because as SOON as the current doctor gets a record request, they cut you off of all services, meaning they won't refill medications, they won't see you, and they won't even talk to you. I have seen people who wanted a second opinion for a procedure get told that they cannot be in the building because they are no longer patients because they saw a different doctor, even though the office was CLEARLY aware that the patient did not get medications from the other doctor or do anything else that violated the patient contract.

Right now they want to take me off of all medications. I am ashamed to say that if they take me off of everything, I will probably think long and HARD about suicide. Right now I am not suicidal, and I firmly believe that I have no right to harm myself because I have children. in my opinion you give up the right to that when you have a child, and I have 3 children. I don't have a gun because I know when the pain gets bad it seems logical to just take part of my head off. I own a gun or two, ones I inherited, but I have my father keep them in his gun safe because I simply don't trust myself when the migraines are bad.

I don't know how to cope for much longer. I am out of medications and they don't want to refill them for a week for some reason. They ADMIT that they are due today. They were OPEN about that on the phone. But they won't refill them for a week for no good reason. They want me to prepay for services for the future and until I do, they won't give me medications in a timely manner. I think this is garbage and I am sick of being treated this way.

Please hope that the paperwork goes through and I can see my old doctor in a very timely manner. From his reviews he still is caring, funny, humorous, and thoughtful. He has moved a few times, but I have had other docs do this. I didn't like when he moved because the practice told us he retired suddenly. I found out later that they lied through their teeth about this (it was the first of MANY outright lies). I felt stuck because before I found them, my doctor sent full records to ten other pain mgmt practices and my old doctor was the ONLY one who would see me. I cannot take much more of the lies, lack of caring, and bizarre, unprofessional behavior.

Thanks for listening.


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Susiestar - so sorry to hear this. It sounds very very frustrating.

Can you possibly go to the ER to get medicted? I don't see how they can legally do this to you. Can you call your insurance company to see what they recommend?


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I am so sorry. Can you contact any state medical boards for an official complaint?

Pain medication doctors have a hard job, but they are not treating people right. I understand no early refills...but not filling them on time is cruel.



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Thanks to all of you. I actually drove down because they SAID they would give me a partial refill until my appointment the 26th. When I got there they did NOT do that. Said it wasn't even in processing and they didn't know if it would be. I cried and vomited on the 90 min drive home - pulling over every 10 min or so. It was awful.

I also got through to my reg doctor's office with the name of my old doctor. Reg doctor is out until Thurs but will be sending a referral to my old pain doctor, the one I adored (and he adored me, even said so because I refused to take an rx for 30 imitrex that his new ARNP had written. Taking more than 12 a month is VERY dangerous and can kill you. He also adored me because I am logical and I never cried unless something was BAD.) I called the office of my old pain doctor and will have an appointment soon with them.

Once I don't need this doctor I intend to file a complaint. I am already flaming them on every website I can that has reviews of doctors. NOT with my full name yet, but soon. I may even make an "I HATE doctor X and doctor X's Practice" facebook page! My marketing degree and skills in writing professional complaint letters will NOT go to waste once I leave these people!!

Thanks for understanding. I am NOT an addict, but someone in severe, intractable pain that cannot take the normal routes for relief. I have been harrassed and even stalked for my medications. I almost didn't post because years ago one of the people who took away our garbage saw the rx bottles in the trash and would come and try to get me to give or sell him my medications. I never did, and I complained to the police and the trash company, but he still came around a few more times until he got fired. I was, and am, so upset that I just had to reach out and I feel a lot of trust for this community.