So angry at Ins. company!

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by diana71, Jan 30, 2014.

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    My son has been homeless for almost three weeks. We told him he wasn't welcome in our home till he decided to go to rehab. Well after having to sleep in a friends garage with just a little space heater during a big cold snap here he finally contacted me this morning and agreed to rehab. I called the rehab and told them we were on our way and we got there and filled out all the paper work and Humana told them they would not pay for it!!! I am so angry! I finally get him to agree and they decline payment for it! And it clearly states in the policy that in and out patient is covered! Has anyone else ever had this happen? I don't know how to get him help now. :_mad:
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    Please send me a private message and I will tell you about a rehab that is free. Hang in there. There are other helps out there.
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    Yes we ran into a lot of obstacles with insurance and had to pay out of pocket. But if your policy covers it I don't know why they are denying it. Did they give you a reason? Call the insurance company and ask, and then file for an appeal.
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    I found the Financial Supervisor at rehab facilities to be very helpful and knowledgeable. Ask for help and see what happens. Perhaps your insurance company just does not use that facility? Perhaps their is a waiver system that you are not familiar with. In my case I was able to use the Internet to "see" which facilities our insurance approved. Sending understanding hugs. I'm sure you are a wreck since you believed it was all aok BUT be a Warrior Mom..fall back and regroup. There has to be an appropriate placement. You can find it. Hugs DDD
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    Yesterday it was a 2 hour wait to talk to someone at Humana but today we talked to them and they said he has to first go to his primary doctor and get a referral. So we called the primary doctor to make an appointment. and he told us he dropped Humana so we had to call them and pick a different doctor. Uggg. So he has an appointment Monday so we can get a referral. I just hope he doesn't change his mind in the meantime like he did last time.
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    Fingers crossed that the weekend passes quickly! Hugs DDD
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    I'm so glad that he has a loving mom to help him navigate this messed up system. It really makes me mad that they have programs to help people who need help but those programs require research to find them then endless amounts of red tape to get in.

    Many of the homeless and prison populations are people who didn't have access to the resources they needed when they needed them. The only thing I can think of to suggest is if there is a mental health crisis center go there and when Humana is looking at $1500 a day for a psychiatric bed they will happily approve of the detox program (usually around $200 a day); as saving money is why they put all that red tape to get a certain percentage to just give up.

    The welfare system does the same thing put you thru all this paperwork and waiting hoping you will just give up and get a job or find someone to sponge off of. Work first was determined I was going to be working outside the house full time until they realized for me to do that the state would have to fork out $184 a day for a Residential Treatment Center (RTC) for Angel.

    The only assistance I get is medicaid & small foodstamps but every time I get a new worker get another work first demand, I go in in full business attire hand them my resume & letter from Angel's psychiatrist and explain I will happily work 100 hours a week if I can do it from home she needs full time supervision.

    Sorry I changed subject and threw a mini vent into your thread, but please keep calling them and don't let them win this.

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    diana I'm with DDD in hoping that this gets respolved very quickly. Keep on them mom!
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    Any update, Diana? Thinking of you. DDD
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    Me too!