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    I have been passivly trying to find a psychiatrist for daughter over the past couple weeks. Today I got serious and started calling everybody I could find and going out a further distance. So far I still haven't found a single psychiatrist who could see daughter, that is also covered by my insurance. And no, don't tell me to go out of network because we don't have an extra dime to our name. I can only afford the regular co-pay.

    I've gotten responses like that she's not old enough (they won't take anybody under 12), that they only work once a week, that their waiting list is 20 people long. I asked what am I supposed to do if she's in crisis, call the county mental health. So I did, told them that we're still technically in the CPS system, but since we're not on Medi-Cal, they can't help us either. I currently have a message out to one of their recommendations hoping they can help. I've also called the local regional center to let them know they mis-diagnosis'd daughter two years ago and I need their help. Really, what the h3ll am I supposed to do?

    We're supposed to go up to Tahoe next week for a vacation, but I don't think we'll be able to do that. All I have to pay is gas and food, but also the registration on the truck because it's expired. My bro is lending us his camper, I asked to trade him cars so we don't have to pay to install the brake thingy for the trailer, and so I have to pay registration before he'll trade trucks. After I pay rent today, I have no money left and it's stressing me out even more. It's going to be a xanax day, my neck is tightening up. Garage sale tomorrow in hopes of making a couple hundred. If my stupid Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)-hoarding husband would actually go through is ****, I could make more money, but he would rather see a huge pile of boxes with stuff he hasn't touched in years.

    daughter has been okay this week, except for the fact that she won't leave me alone when I just want to crawl in bed and cry (only three more hours and I'll be home). Hopefully she'll be good this weekend. husband has been a bigger pain in the butt lately than she has.
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    The system too often just does not work for kids that need help and there are not enough psychiatrists. I am so sorry you are stuck in this.

    Hope the garage sale goes well and you make the $$ you need. Does husband want to go to Tahoe? I have dealt with hoarding tendencies in my difficult child and I know how hard it is to get them to part with things. But sometimes with the right motivation and just a few items to part with it can happen. Maybe you could get him to agree to sell a couple of things that might bring in some money
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    ((((HUGS)))) Have you tried calling the insurance company and asked them for a recommendation?

    Here's hoping you catch a break soon!