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    I know it is Christmas today. But I came to work at midnight xmas eve, and won't get home until about 1pm.

    I decorated the outside of our house after Halloween, but didn't turn on the lights until after Thanksgiving. We had our bathroom redone, new toilet and all. (a 17 incher before the seat) I am tall and husband has bad back. I think difficult child's feet dangle.

    After that was complete I got my NEW wonderful..expensive carpet. Then put up all the inside decorations. The tree is so pretty, as is the decorations. I made 45 dozen cookies. Three different kind.

    I thought I had all my shopping done months ago. But then came difficult child's birthday, and then I saw more and more. And my very special gift I am SO excited about. A trip to Pittsburgh for husband and the boys. Staying with his very best friend in the whole world, AND taking in a Penguins game.

    Then, I pondered with this for so long. Unbeknown to me, my parents had money left over. After my mother died I didn't hear anything so thought the medical bills and nursing home used it. I was wrong. Recieved a check about a month ago. All the other grandkids got the time to spend with grandma and grandpa. Birthdays and Christmas. Mine did not. easy child was so close to Grandma and Grampa but when we moved the miles separated them. difficult child was 2 when grandpa died and didn't remember grandma able to walk or talk.

    So...I bought them both a card. One of those sappy ones. It says "TO GRANDSON". Now that will confuse both of them. After the sweet sayings I wrote a letter of how special they are to their grandparents. Even though they don't remember...I DO. I have the memories and that I will cherish. I shared special memories with them. Then they can open the box. They will find a quite generous amount of money. From Grandma and Grandpa with Love forever.

    Now I certainly could use that money. But my parents would want this. I know they would. And it is SO important to me.

    There won't be a dry eye in the house after that.

    I am just so excited.

    On a sad note, husband's parents died when he was a teenager. He lived with his friend (one he is visiting). When he was 18 he lived with his uncle and went to college. His uncle came to our wedding. Called regularly, sent packages. husband was so very close to him even though they lived so far apart. Now husband recieved a xmas card yesterday. xmas eve. It was addressed to our family, but saw the return address from his cousin. So I let him open it. It said. "happy holidays to you and your family. We all got together a few months ago for Uncle Chucks funeral". NOBODY even called him. And IN a Christmas card????? I sure hope I can lift his spirits with my gift to him.

    Ok...Merry Christmas to all
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    Merry Christmas to you!

    And, I hope your husband called someone and let them know how he felt about the nofitication about Uncle Chuck. I'm sure your present will do wonders for his mood!
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    That will indeed be a wonderful gift. You really are doing a great thing for your parent's memory. Just think how much better the world would be if people would do wonderful things like this with inheritances instead of being greedy and causing hurt feelings.
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    How did husband like his gift? I will check other threads to see if I missed a post about it.

    I think this was a very special, very loving gift for your guys. They are lucky to have you.

    I am so sorry about the uncle. I don't know why they would do that in a Christmas card, but hope that your husband can find some holiday happiness in spite of it.