So far, 2012 has been a roller-coaster.....

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    I was really thrown for a loop at the end of January. I've worked at the same job for 23 years and I'm still one of the new employees....well, we came very close to no longer having a job. There was some political stuff and a power grab that almost wiped us out. And it came down to the wire for it working out for us. We had already cleaned out our desks and started training the other people to take over our jobs. Then, the night before our last day, we got word that we were safe.

    It really wrecked me for a long while. These people have been my family for so long. I actually went through a grieving process even after we had our jobs back. I totally shut down for a good month.

    But, life is getting better now and I hope it stays that way......

    easy child is coming home for Easter and bringing home a girl for us to meet. He's very sure that this is the ONE.

    Steph has been staying with us on weekends. She's even apologized many times for all the trouble she caused. She's done a complete 180 from where she was at. I laugh when she complains about the girl she lives and the complaints are the same things I had issues with her. To hear her vent about how lazy this girl is about not wanting to do dishes or even pick up herself is music to my ears. My Aunt once said "even though is seems like the words you speak go in one ear and out the other, there will come a day when you hear those words coming out your kids mouth directed at their kids". It might not be Steph's kid, but it sure sounds good. still Ant. He went to Oregon to live with his Uncle and get a job at one of the saw mills. Well, he was in a car accident and pulled his back muscles. Now, he's not going to try to get a job until he finds out how much of a fortune he can get from the insurance company. If he has been truly injured and couldn't work...maybe I could see him going for some kind of claim. But this is Ant looking for an easy payout without having to do anything.

    Oh...and he was telling us how he was going to stop all contact with his loser friends, but that isn't happening. And unfortunately, Uncle is turning out to be a good enabler.

    Is it bad that I hope he doesn't come home for Easter??
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    No, it's not bad you hope Ant doesn't come for Easter. Not anymore than I am relieved Katie won't be coming. It just means no drama to deal with and a peaceful holiday. Nothing wrong with that.

    So glad to here easy child and Steph are doing well. :)

    Also very glad you didn't lose your job, as I'm sure you are. That waiting game had to be stressful as heck.

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    We've had scares before about there being no money in the contract and that there might be lay-offs. This was the first time that there was money but they refused to give it to us and we got the "clean out your desk" orders.

    I'm glad I still have my job, but it sure did change the attitude around here. Moral was in the basement before it just doesn't exist. I still have a paycheck coming in for now. And in todays world that is a very good thing!

    easy child says K is just like my Mom. And since easy child is a carbon-copy of my Dad, this could work out very well. My folks have been together for 53 years. We are really looking forward to meeting her.