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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by compassion, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. compassion

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    Day 29 and no running or using. I have been trying to nip the threats/badgering/blackmail in the bud. I have been detatching. I am exhausted . Son and husband have been helping. husband took difficult child to psychiatrist last night. Her mood stabilizer is upped to 100 mg. Exercise helps. She walked dogs for 1.5 hours and is crashing now. I have cut back hugely on holiday expectations this year. I have and will continue to do stuff online from the bed. Compassion
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    Wow!! That's not a bad start!! It sounds like you have a good plan and just need to keep doing what you've been trying so far...Way To Go!!!
  3. Andy

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    This is a good update. Every day brings that goal closer. The hard part is not knowing how many more days will be needed until you get her to where she needs to be.

    Keep up the great work.
  4. susiestar

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    You are doing great work. I know how hard it is to be stuck having to take care of physical problems when you are worried sick about your kid or kids. I am glad your husband and son help.

    I think it is AWESOME that she went out for 1 1/2 hours walking with the dogs and didn't drink! I hope your husband is taking her to AA or NA or a similar program. I know some churches here have 12 step programs based on their faith more closely. My exSIL goes to one.

    WHEN you are able, I hope you go to an Al Anon meeting. But I think you are doing a great job detaching. I think you can actually do some Al Anon groups online, you might check it out. It would be another source of support? NOT that we don't want you to stay here, but it might be nice to have that other source of support.
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    Glad to hear things are going well! May the trend continue:)
  6. Jena

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    That's great, it really is. Thanks for updating us. I'Tourette's Syndrome always good to hear the positive things.
  7. compassion

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    SusieStar, difficult child has been to 3 AA meetings at local AA club last weekend. I did a meeting with her last night. We read out of the Young People and AA pamphlet , and Living Sober book, and discussed step 2.
    I am very involved in Al-Anon. I led step 4 on T-Step the past 2 weeks. I am also active on Awakenings (steps 3 and 11). I often go to 3 f2f meetings a week. Right now though I am on day 4 of bed rest.
    I have found it helpful to share daily on here and iIhave since Thanksgiving. I can feel a safety and honesty that I do not feel is appropriate to share in Al-Anon or my other 12 step group. I also go to therapy weekly and difficult child does too. We see p-doctor every other week.