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    So my 11-year old has been on 5mg of generic Prozac for three weeks now...and I have to say, so far so good!!

    For two years we've watched as her anxieties increased from worrying over getting sick on the bus, to worrying about others getting sick and making her sick. She struggled to make it to school with stomach aches fearing she'd vomit. Counseling wasn't cutting it so we switched therapists to one who works under a psychiatrist. He felt medications would help her work with the therapist on strategies to conquer her fears and not get into a full blown panic. She is a bit obsessive about expiration dates on things, though. I'm tempted to take a sharpie out to cover them all! Ugghhh

    I have to say, she is turning back into the fun-loving girl I remember her being. She used to be fearless. Little by little, she's opening up and learning that a little twinge in her stomach doesn't mean she's going to be sick. She no longer wants to sit at home. She wants to do things again. It's amazing that this little pill can ease her mind calming her thoughts so much. In fact, it's also helping her IBS, slowing down her GI (a big plus).

    I know it's early but to see her moving forward instead of backward really touches my heart. I used to feel I couldn't help her enough and I'm learning from the therapist that I've been trying too hard for her. She needs to learn to work through her anxiety for herself because she doesn't want to miss out on the fun things in life because of her worries. I'm learning a lot and I'm glad there are people out there equipped to help parents like myself and our children.

    Just wanted to share. Thanks for listening.

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    I am so glad things are working out. I love to hear success stories. My son was also put on Prozac this spring. At first the depression got a little worse but after a couple weeks, I started seeing some improvement. Not sure what it is about the medication but it is calming him. The psychiatrist prescribed Risperdal first for the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) related anxiety which turned out to be a nightmare (long story). Then he got severely depressed because of the "trouble" he kept getting into at school because of the Risperdal. D/C'd Risperdal and started Prozac for the depression it "caused" and turned out the Prozac is doing what the Risperdal was supposed to. Crazy but hey, it works so who cares.

    Thanks for letting us know where things are at with you. Hope things continue to improve.
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    Great update-glad to hear things are going so well!