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    It's been a month since my car got scraped up by a drunk driver. His was a big ole beat up work truck, so it's not immediately obvious that his truck was the one that damaged mine, and he's insisting he didn't do it. Naw, I just called the cops, and they arrested you for a DUI for NO REASON. Sadly, because it was in a private parking lot, they don't cite him for the accident, too - a policy I've always hated.

    SO, his insurance company needs to talk to the police officer who wrote "truck's front bumper" in the "damage" line on the insurance paperwork they gave me. They cannot approve my car being fixed without talking to this officer. His insurance company...AND my insurance company, have been leaving the officer voicemails for the last month - probably 15 or so of them, in total.

    So I call. I get the station operator. I explain to him what's going on. He tells me that the officer will be working tonight. I say, that's great, but I need him to talk to my insurance companies, not me.

    His response: "Oh-hhhh. Well, then you better call him tonight and give him a good reason to call them back. We get a billion calls from insurance companies all the time, he's not gonna call them back unless you tell him why he should.".

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    The private parking lot law is a mess. I deal with it all the time with my business. Did you get a report from the cop? If so, go directly to the police station. Don't wait for him to call you back.

    Good luck.

  3. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Ask your insurance company to fax you a form that the cop could fill out and have notarized as a statement - ????

    Just thinking out loud.

    This reminds me of my favorite cop joke.............
    (not that you're in the mood for humor)

    Okay so this man hears noises in his garage at 1:00 AM. Upon looking out the window he also sees flashlights bouncing off the walls and out the window. He dials 911.

    He whispers to the operator - "There is someone in my garage stealing my tools, come quick." and the operator responds "I'm sorry sir we have no available officers at this time. Please stay in doors and when an officer is available one will be dispatched." The man, upset, hangs up.

    One minute later the frustrated man calls 911 again. He whispers to the operator - "Come quick I've shot three people trying to steal my tools out of my garage." and hangs up.

    Two minutes later four police cars, lights dazzling off the neighbors homes, and sirens blaring arrive on the scene. The crooks in the garage open the door and come out with their hands up. The man comes out of the safety of his house and smiles. The officer says "I thought you called and said you shot three people?" The man says "I thought no officers were available at this time."

    Yeah - good to be the king.
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    This is why I pray I never get in an accident in a parking lot.

    I feel for you.

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    Thanks for the good thoughts! This issue has been totally sidelined, as my best friend/roommate is in the hospital again - it doesn't LOOK like she had another stroke, but she's walking like a drunken toddler, the room is spinning, and she's having nausea/dizzy spells. She's admitted into the stroke unit until they can figure out what's wrong with her. Her sis has taken over watch duty right now.

    And I get home, get outta the car, and hear HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS....yeah, right front tire is punctured, and there's glass all over the street for some reason. I guess that'll do it. So I JUST got finished watching AAA put on my spare...which looks mighty flat. I'm just gonna deal with that in the morning.

    What is that saying about when it rains, it pours? Can I go hide under a rock somewhere for the next 48 hours, just in case?