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    Yesterday at church, I was so frustrated with difficult child that I just got up and sat in my car for the rest of the service. She doesn't seem to have a clue how irritating she is or maybe just doesn't care that she is irritating. I couldn't force myself to sit by her for another minute. Then when we get home from church, she asks if I left because I was irritated with her and I said yes. She seemed sorry. But all afternoon, she did the same thing to her sister. At bedtime easy child lost it and let her sister know how tired she was of all the **** she had put up with. Of course, difficult child was "I said I was sorry but she won't let it go". Why do they think one quick apology is going to make it all better?

    Right now, easy child is up and getting around. difficult child is mad because I didn't wake her up an hour early. She set the alarm, it went off for 2 or 3 minutes and I finally turned it off. Supposedly difficult child was going to get up and exercise. Well, she was too tired an hour ago - and now - she is pouting and won't get out of bed to get ready for school. And it is my fault that she didn't get up at 6am.

    She is also mad at me because she saw a notebook that I was given at the NAMI classes a couple of weeks ago. Each week they give us a packet of papers that they go over with us. It is a 12 week course, but with the childrens theater we are in, and my shoulder surgery next month, I will miss a good chunk of them. She knows that the therapists think she might be bipolar, and they are treating her for bipolar symptoms, but I have tried to reassure her that it is not a diagnosis that she is labeled with. That it will be 4 or 5 more years. She is so mad that she might have it because biomom has it and she has a lot of anger at biomom. I am positive she has it. She has been difficult... rages... sweet as pie to everyone else... night terrors... only wants carbs and sweets... won't take no for an answer...thinks she can manipulate everything and everybody.

    Well, I am so ready that the weekend is over and for difficult child will be at school during the day. Weekdays are easier. Weekends are hard. Wished I didn't have to deal with this every day. KSM
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    Or she can't control it. There's always option D. All of the above.

    Her being angry at her diagnosis is very normal. She'd be processing the same emotions if she were diagnosed with diabetes or leukemia. Keep her focused on treatment and positive outcomes due to early treatment. Many can lead happy and productive lived with treated bipolar.
    AMEN to that! I laugh at my (mostly single) friends on Facebook moaning about Monday again. I LOVE Mondays! Today not so much - psychiatrist appts for the two oldest.
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    No advice, but you did the right thing...taking a "time out" for yourself at church. Maybe you need MORE time for yourself, if that's possible.
    Hugs and good thoughts...hoping things settle down very soon.
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    Man, I've heard the "so glad the weekends over and school is in" so many times around here I've lost count!

    Sorry the weekend was so tough. Hope you had a little quiet yesterday!