SO glad it's almost Monday morning...

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  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    because that means I regain control of my house and my husband goes back to WORK!

    I swear...

    He "worked" from home on Friday. Ha, ha. Put in a couple of hours dialed in to work on his laptop... then took a NAP. Then got up and watched movies. All. Weekend.

    I let my younger two build a fort in the livingroom since husband was upstairs with his movies all day -- so that room's a disaster. Then yesterday, difficult child 2 gets a bug up his butt and starts to tear his room apart, deciding he wants the bottom bed from his loft/bunk out of his room so they can use the mattress for the fort, and besides he says the extra bed takes up too much room. So now his mattress is in the livingroom and the bedframe is in my front hallway, with bags of crud he just scooped up off his floor with a dustpan and broom because it was easier than actually sorting through it! Then he left the bag on the stairs. I asked him what the story was and he said it was stuff from his room, so then I asked him to take 5 little minutes to make three piles out of the bag: keep, donate, trash. Five minutes! It's a paper grocery bag for gosh sakes. So he comes over and pulls out one little booklet that's the instructions for his gameboy and says that's all he needs (doesn't bother to look at anything), and walks off. :crazy2:

    Two weeks ago I thought I had everything under control here. Kids were doing chores. Common areas were tidy. Stuff was being kept put away. yada, yada, yada. I must have been hallucinating.

    Who ARE these people and what have they done with my HOUSE???

    Oh, and I'm supposed to be getting the guest room ready for the inlaws! yeah, right.