so got info from cardio dr.

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Jena, May 28, 2009.

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    yup i'm all over boards tonight lol.

    so, i got some brief info from cardiologist, i go tmrw for my last test. it winds up i have a problem with the lower chamber of my heart. not sure of the particulars, nothing major right now. yet my gp who i had to go to last week i had the flu, read the reports he got so far and said it has some signs of early heart disease yet he wants cardio guy to talk to me at length and explain it to me.

    so, i guess it was a good thing i went to the e.r. that day. oh and the blockage in the artery wasn't bad....
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    Jen, this is good news so far, as it sounds like the heart disease may be early enough to treat with simple things like diet, exercise and lifestyle changes (quit smoking). I hope the dr doesn't jump to use drugs right away, as those come with their own side effects that can be worse than the condition they are treating!

    Keep us posted. Ditto about going to ER that day!
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    Yes, great to know this kind of stuff early as there is so much you can do to get it under control. The smoking thing is huge. Thinking of you xo ML
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    ok i know i'm going to sound lame and like a kid but i really do like an occassional cigarette lol. it'l be hard but i know after today's stress test i have to.

    oh, if only i could of u tubed it and put it on here it was soo soo funny i cna't even imagine. they had to get my heart rate up to 190. hello?? it doesn't go that high lol.

    i wouldn't let them put the dye in me so they had to make me run faster due Occupational Therapist (OT) it and jump off treadmill quick and onto table, way way too funny.

    it hit 190 and let me just tell you i could not get my breath. pathetic.............. :)