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    and I was thinking, it's been right around the 3 year mark since I first posted here about Dylan. LOL! Three

    I've been more AWOL over time, and I do apologize, but with Dylan in the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF), Brandon being home, and Jared being..well, internet time isn't available to me like it has been in the past. I used to get up at 5 AM and post in the mornings, but geez, I can't bring myself to get up at 6 AM lately. I'm just too exhausted.

    Brandon's been great since reunification. Go figure? The first 2 weeks he was home, he got caught shoplifting at Wal Mart :hammer: CD's LOL! Stupid boy. I told him, there, if I ever got a call like that again, I would never pick him up. He'd go straight to Juvie. No more chances. I didn't yell. I didn't get angry. I didn't do anything I regretted. Told him that, and he's been great ever since. Working at (ironically) Wal Mart, about 30 hours a week now. Getting all A's and B's and a very high (almost) B in English. Junior in high school. No calls from the principal. No problems. Some alien abducted my child and replaced him is what I think. medication free. No explosions. Intermittent Explosive Disorder or Mood Disorder or Adjustment Disorder, whichever you want to pick, seems gone. Just gone. He does have some slight ADD stuff - but he seems to be working on that on his own. No complaints from the school. Still can't figure out how he went from how he was to how he is. But he did. Miracle, I guess.

    Dylan's going into month 4. Full medication wash, and lemme say, Praise the Lord. I don't miss all that mess with drugs, and neither does he. Lithium is GONEEEEEEEEEEE, which means no more Synthroid (thyroid is now fine), no more DDAVP (no more soaking the bed) and no more AP's. Don't miss those either! No more Flonase...probably needs something for allergies, but now in winter, isn't the time. Not sweating it. He is on a dose of Concerta now, 36 mg., doesn't seem to be doing squat. We see alot of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) type stuff - shirt chewing, scratching, minor head banging. Very inattentive, no ability to sit still at all. No focus, no concentration. It's horrible to watch him. He looks like he's ready to crawl out of his skin. I have no answer. Doesn't seem anyone does. He's tried it all. I'm not willing to start a new trail of drugs. Screw it. Having some school issues. I want a 1:1 for him - some at the school district are fighting it, so I'm trying to get the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) to recommend it. He's got a few months yet, so we'll see. School is a big anxiety issue/stressor for me. And him. We'll see.

    We were hoping the Concerta would work this time, maybe, because it's been a Godsend for Jared. Little pill took care of ALL inattentive/focus issues with him and he's awesome! Karate. Cello in the orchestra. He's great.

    That's the big story from here. Thought I'd throw an update out there. Sorry I'm hit or miss here lately, it's whenever I get a second LOL!

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    Sounds like things are going great for the most part. :xmasdancers:

    Good for Brandon with his job AND keeping his grades up. (Whatever aliens took him, can you send them this way please??? Or maybe not......if they took difficult child, they just might bring him back! LOL)

    Here's to more and more positives over time! :smile:
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    Nice to see ya Janna. Good to hear about Brandon and Jared.

    Have they ever tried straight focalin on The Dyl? From what I hear it is smoother. Or maybe that new V one that just came out. The attention problems must be driving him batty too.

    I know they did for Jamie.

    Keep trying...there isnt much else you can do really.
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    Thanks for the update-glad to hear things with Brandon are going so well!
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    Thanks for the update, Janna.

    I just read about shirt chewing in The Out of Sync Child. I can't recall the context now ... maybe a way of dealing with-the stress of too much stimulation, a self-soothing type of behavior.

    How ironic is THAT, that Brandon would be working at WalMart? I guess he likes their stuff! LOL. And now he gets a real employee discount.

    Take care.
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    Good to see you Janna. All in all it looks like a good update.
    Hope things continue on the upswing.
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    Great to hear from you!

    What fabulous news on Brandon :bravo:. Perhaps what he needed was the chance to prove himself to you! It's a success story for sure.

    As for your Dylan, I'm glad he is off all those medications and things appear to be improving. If the concerta is not working, why are they continuing it's use? It seems like a no brainer to me that they stop that and try another stimulant. If there is anything we moms of adhd kids know it's that one stimulant is not like another (isn't that a Sesame Street song?????!!!!). I believe I would suggest to them that they take him off the concerta. Why keep Dylan on a medication that is having no effect. Try a stimulant of another composition. Try adderall or focalin.

    Sorry that you don't have any time, but don't be a stranger. :mistletoe:

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    Hey, girl!
    No stims ever helped Lucas. They made him aggressive. His aide was a Godsend. She taught him many skills, including how to take notes the right way and how to get the "main point" of whatever needs getting the main point School help is mandatory for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) kids.
    Lucas used to chew his shirts too. He'd chew the neck and halfway down his chest. His shirts would be wet...ick! He really got better as he got older. He doesn't chew his shirts anymore and doesn't seem as "autistic." Hard to explain.
    I"m busy too, but I'm beeline an e-mail soon :smile:
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    Hi Janna, nice to hear the good news on Brandon and Jared. I hope you can get the school to give Dylan that 1:1. Like MWM said, it's pretty essential for the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) kids. My difficult child in grade 9 is finally realizing he does need the help and using his in class aide the way he should, especially for his English classes, and it's helping him so much. He'd been really struggling in English, and told me yesterday he had needed the help but isn't so much anymore. Some concepts are just harder for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) kids to get, and need a lot more help getting to those points than a teacher can spare, so an aide is essential. The school district just never likes the cost of a 1:1. My difficult child's teachers LOVE having his aide, but it's always gotta be justified to the money people who are reluctant.

    The shirt chewing and head banging sounds so much like anxiety. It's the kind of thing my difficult child did and his was all anxiety related, mostly school. Dylan's been through so many medications, he's probably been on some for anxiety and don't know if they helped. I know they did help my difficult child, and he learned to cope with things and is now off medications. Hopefully they can figure out therapy or something to help him deal with this aspect.
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    Janna, so good to hear from you with such a positive report. I'm glad things are going so well for Brandon and Jared, and I hope the proper interventions are found for Dylan. You've come a long way in three years!
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    Thanks for the update - I'm VERY happy for you all!