So how would everyone say their summer was?


Mom? What's a difficult child?
I was thinking about this last night as I was lying in bed... :faint:

With the change of schedules and vacations... how did everyone do???

I was expecting this summer to be horrible!!! LOL But looking back now I feel really good. Despite spending 4 weeks in Partial hospital, shut up in a hotel with K. Despite husband business doing poorly, despite my not so dear Father saying he wants to be a part of my kids lives and now not hearing from him for over a month now. Hearing that 2 people I care about have inoperable brain tumors. husband is still fighting over his passing out in a Chicago cab, the police did beat him up!!! Now they are trying to cover there behinds...
No vacation... a house that needs to be umm, leveled!!! We are working on a second morgtage to start that fun task!!! First the fence...

But despite the yucky things that have happened and continue to happen... I feel positive! We found a psychiatrist, K is doing pretty well. N is getting the beginnings of help and starting pre-school. We have also found a therapist that might work with N. I am getting along with the in-laws!!!
I love my husband. I am healthy. I think just the fact that K is doing better has lifted so much weight off my shoulders... I always saw myself as a pretty easy going person. Even when we struggle, we have been positive, but when K started downhill it was so much so fast... I had the weight of the world on me... now I see that I have help.

And I have you guy's!!!! :kisses:
So even though my summer was uneventful- at least it was positive as far as my girls!!!
I learned a new sport also!!! Wakesurfing... behind our boat it is so much fun...
Here is clip of someone doing it! I am not that good. LMAO But it is so much fun.

So how was everyone else's summer... I hope mostly good and positive.


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Is it fall already???????????????? :smile: :smile:

Serioiusly, All I did this summer was work. I played golf once. :smile:

Wonder if I could have an instant replay of summer...think?

Obviously I am going to have to make some changes but for the most part the summer was good (if I remember correctly). Except for the difficult child drama...and pain... (which I remember clearly) :frown:

I'm glad your summer was good. A lot of positives there and we all know how important they are. :smile:



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For my summer vacation I had knee surgery! Twice. First the left, then the right---not replacement but ortho---am trying to hold off replacement a few years. So I have hobbled around all summer. I go back to work tomorrow. The kids come on Wednesday and I am teaching a course I haven't taught in 15 years!

husband and I celebrated our 20th anniversary. I surprised him with a big Frogmore Stew party and vow renewal. We had about 40 people at the house when he showed up. It was a blast.

difficult child has behaived,as far as I know. He is planning on starting tech college next week. Voc-Rehad is funding it---I won't pay for him to go to school when I couldn't get him to go for free!!

PCson has accepted a job offer closer to his (seperated)wife. He feels it will be better for the baby if he gets to see mom and dad everyday and not have to travel 4 hours one way for visitation. He is trying to sell his house now and has an offer in the other town contingent upon the sell of the beach house.

PCdaugher has moved into a garage apt. we own about a block from us. She will return to her old job at the insurance agency and to school and dance after a summer of learning the grass isn't greener on the other side of the fence.

Overall a good summer. But I'm looking forward to fall.


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Our summer has been good overall. We've been very busy & I'm looking forward to school starting after Labor Day so I can have some quiet time. Duckie has done well and grown up quite a bit. She's really becoming a kind & empathetic young lady.

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This seems like a tale of two summers for me.

difficult child started off so rocky and almost had to be hospitalized and now has really turned things around and is doing so much better (for my difficult child).

As for me I got to spend lots of time with-difficult child at the pool (except for August-it hasn't stopped raining). :beach:

It was also somewhat of a restful summer as 5 of the weeks difficult child was in some sort of day camp. This was much needed for him and for us. :dance:

I also did a lot of reading-something I haven't done in a long time and I love it! :reading:

easy child was busy much of the summer with-her scholarship program which was good for her.

We also took our first family vacation which was interesting to say the least.

Overall I would say it was a good summer. We have two weeks off yet (although I will start to get my classroom ready sooner). I'm just praying it's a better school year for difficult child than last year was.


hmmmmmmmmmmmm the summer started with difficult child II in hospital and it's ending with d/h in hospital and our whole life upside down.

We have not been to the beach once and we've only been to the pool a handful of times. However difficult child I got to go to Daytona Beach for a week but he did not enjoy it.

One BBQ, a funeral and no vacations. Makes for pretty sad scrap book pages!

Pretty sad summer. :beach:


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Aww Heather!!! I know some of the board completely missed the summer. You have had a rough time. I am sorry!!!
For us we still have a couple weeks before school starts... I just keep reading that some of the kids are heading back to school ALREADY!!! SO I was wondering how everyone felt at this point???

This was my first true summer as a warrior mom, family om medications, with a psychiatrist, with a diagnosis etc!!!

I guess those things made it all a bit better. LOL

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Well, technically, it's not over yet! I heard a radio announcer start to say, "Well, now that summer is coming to a clos..." and I hit that button so fast! I am not willing to give up on Summer just yet! LOL

But, I'd have to say that, aside from difficult child's suicidal thoughts and hospital stay, it was a good summer overall. H started building our second floor, easy child has done wonderfully at her extern, I was able to get away for a couple of long weekends with my girly friends & sister, and difficult child has learned a lot about herself and I think is making the best of her counseling FINALLY.

We're going on a vaca to visit easy child in VA next week and then we're zipping to my sister's in WV to ride the rapids, difficult child is coming with us and it will be our last hurrah before difficult child starts school and we all fall into our Fall schedule and prepare for winter (ugh - I HATE even saying this).

But I will relish in the warm days and cool nights for as long as I can. I even cleaned out our fire pit the other day to ready it for evenings spent on the patio in cooler weather. I resisted the urge to buy Mums the other day and instead bought marked down end of season perennials! I transplanted some things and cleaned out my gardens to spruce them up and bought new bird feeders and seed for the yard. I think this has been a nice summer, and it isn't over yet!


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It sucked. We haven't gone anywhere or done anything. husband has been begrudgingly doing projects for me. Not big ones, things like actually mowing the lawn and trimming the edges without being asked. But he has been withholding affection for it.

It's been cold and raining most of the time. We get two or three weeks of cloudy rainy days in the 60's, then we get two days in the 90's. It's nearly
September and we haven't had two full weeks of sun put together! The corn isn't growing. The tomatoes are green.

We have a three day vacation in about a month. It's east of the mountains, so I hope it will be sunny. I hope husband will have his head out of his hoo haw by then.


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I'm still undecided, maybe in denial. Weather wise we haven't had the best of summers. Cold temps or rain for the most of it, I live for hot, hot days. difficult child has been successful without medications and that has made it the best summer in the aspect. Sad day today having to start them up again. easy child has grown and become a moody, mouthy preteen, so in short a normal girl of her age, lol. I don't take time off in the summer because I run a daycare it is when I make the most and with easy child's riding competitions almost every weekend, I have to keep at it to pay for it all. I am ashamed of myself for wishing part of the summer away. Many hopefully positive things will be changing towards the end of this year and I have been looking forward to that. I am exhausted with the stress that I myself have created and I see an opening once Oct/Nov come.

I will hang on to these last couple of weeks in hope that our weather gets better and the kids can at least have a few more days in the pool. husband's 3 weeks of holidays start tomorrow and I hope the weather will turn nice for him too. I am no where near as tanned as I was last year.

It's been an alright summer and I'll take it :smile:


Had to find this post on Summer. Realizing that it is coming to an end i was reminiscing about the summer. I was sad that difficult child didn't hang out with any friends. Well, rarely. Spent most of the time on the computer. Went to the amusement park a few times with neighbors. Played baseball a lot. But was happy. Even though I wished he had more friends, I was really thankful that I had so much time to spend with him. He enjoyed baseball so much, it was so much fun to watch. He did really well over the summer. Few headaches (2 or 3)compared with 3 -4 a week at school. His behavior was soooo good. He had no interest in school...until we had our meeting last Monday. He showed a little excitement at that time. And I was told how much he seemed to have matured over the summer.

As for the rest of us...I had a great time with difficult child just hanging out or the few trips we did take.
husband didn't get his list of repairs complete. Actually...only helped with ONE that I was doing. So...his list for fall has gotten bigger.

Weather was fantastic. would love to turn the clocks back for another 3 months!


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Well, I have had my fair share of summers that I have blocked out. But, to give you all that are trying to forget this one some hope....

difficult child - passed both summer school classes and only missed half a day when she had a headache.
difficult child - started her first J-O-B and they seem to be really pleased with her.
difficult child - has kept up with her chores, with the exception of last night but we got through that one with clearer direction from me.
difficult child - heading in to her junior year of high school and seems excited and positive about the work ahead of her (this has happened before to not to excited).

I have:
Gone to Rome, NY for a class I am taking, gone camping at Letchworth State Park, visited a lighthouse that I have wanted to see since I was in 5th grade, had drinks by the water, many family picnics with 3 more coming up, this weekend I will be having Prime Rib at my favorite prime rib restaurant and going to see an Ansel Adams display.
A lot of different activities for me this year. 2 years ago I did nothing when I had my surgery. Last summer boyfriend & I broke up for half of it.

This was the best summer I think I have ever had!!!
:beach: :thumb: :dance: :bravo:


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It's hard for me to realize that summer is basically over.

When I first read your question, I thought I had a pretty good summer. Then I realized that I sprained my ankle and couldn't walk for about a month, older difficult child moved in with a loser with two kids, younger difficult child is unemployed again, I didn't get either of the two jobs I applied for, and my favorite dog died.

However, I am a glass-half-full kind of person so I guess it's OK because I've read about 34 books since the first of June, neither difficult child is in jail, I got a new above ground swimming pool, and I have friends coming to celebrate Labor Day with me. So in my world, I guess the plusses outweigh the minuses. Sort of.

Gee, I wonder what fall will bring.


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Well, if I had to classify it on a scale of 1-10, it would be heavily in the negatives. It's sad as one of the perks of being a teacher is the summer off. (Actually, most teachers get a job during the summer because the pay is so crappy.)

It started off great with me going to see my daughter at college. It was a crazy, fun week, but it culminated with me bringing her home because her boyfriend was arrested and jailed on domestic violence charges. Spent the next 2 months with deep talks with her, but ultimately she is in denial and not much was accomplished.

husband and I are hanging on by a thread for many reasons, but the most visible is that I refuse to work his DJ business anymore. I already work full time and can't/won't do anymore. He is NOT happy.

The icing on the cake...and I've told no one about this (don't know why it's easier when you're not face to face) is that I was assaulted and raped in late July. VERY long story, but it was by someone who was a long standing client, a very influential person in our city, and could easily and quite effectively follow through on his threats.

I consulted an attorney and a close friend of mine who works in the industry. Both very sadly confirmed my beliefs that going to the police was pretty much a waste of time. My friend is the head of the largest gaming company here. He had his top security guy try to get the video tape the very next morning...gone.

So, I've decided to chalk this up to lack of experience and not make the same choices again. My biggest concern was going back to work with finger bruises all over my arms and lacerations on my legs. Fortunately, the bruises healed fairly quickly...just a really yucky looking leg. :grrr:

I feel I'm a pretty business savvy person and can assess people's motives, but this one left me completely blind-sided.

I have been battling health issues for so long now and not getting any help or answers. I haven't slept a solid night in many, many months. It has been very frustrating.

Oh, and there is my best friend's husband committing suicide. Geez...

Finally, is the issue with J and his girlfriend. Who knows how that will turn out.

In the end, I was <u>THRILLED</u> to go back to work. It gives me some sort of normalcy. Pretty crappy summer. :thumbsdown: I don't ever want to repeat it.



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Abbey, I am sorry to hear this. Sending many hugs your way.

You do not deserve that treatment. He will get his. Someday.