So, how's your day gone so far??

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by klmno, Dec 25, 2007.

  1. klmno

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    Just checking in to see how things have gone so far for you and the difficult child's!
    We've had our donuts, opened gifts, eaten sausage balls with fondue and spent time experimenting with everything- now taking a little time for space of our own before hitting the turkey sandwiches and movies (and falling asleep)!

    My day has been great, because difficult child had a couple of those "you can't fake it" smiles. I love it!

    :smile: :its_all_good:

    I didn't have much money for gifts this year (you know- restitution for difficult child's crime spree, haven't been able to work full time hours and thus, get salary paid for almost a year,oh- then there's the attorney fees for #@!#%$* "brother" filing for custody). But, I got difficult child some things (on credit card) and this actually seems to be one of his best Christmas's!! YIPEE!! It reminds me of the story of the purple ping-pong ball- anyone heard of this?

    Well, ok, I'm pushing the messy house, leaves still in the yard, latch on storm door needs to be repaired, pictures need to be hung in most rooms (we've been living here over a year) - all this stuff- it's out of my mind today (somewhat) because I think he's happy and grateful (for now-).


    I was one of those who started to cancel Christmas this year. Thanks to you ladies, the tree went up a second time. I had many thoughts that he didn't deserve it because of all he'd done this year- then I thought about how last year when he really wasn't doing all that bad, the sd and I kept pushing for him to do better and then he started making comments about how nothing was ever enough, then he "lost it". So, I told difficult child he'd be able to open gifts from others, but if he was going to open the ones from me on Christmas day, he had to do XXX by the end of Christmas Eve. He did those things. And he bought me gifts (albeit with a little financial assitance from me).


    So, I hope everyone here had a wonderful day- ours was successful mostly because of you here who have been there for me. I hope your difficult child's can find one moment of appreciation, gratitude, and happiness!!

    Happy Day and God Bless everyone here!


    Time for sandwich, chip, and movie with difficult child before we hit reality again tomorrow- or tonight- or whenever he sends it my way again!!

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    Good to hear that you had a successful day :bravo:

    Ours went pretty well too. difficult child was great for the most part and has spent a lot of time playing with her younger sister. They are six years apart in age but with difficult child's immaturity, they are close to the same level so I did a lot of duplicate presents for them. That way, they could play together without actually having to share much :thumbsup: We were all supposed to go next door to sister in law's house for dinner but as difficult child was starting to get rude and irritable with everyone, I decided that it would be better if she and I stayed home. She didn't want to go anyway so I just told her I thought she and I needed some peace and quiet. She thanked me and we enjoyed the peace and quiet. It gave her a few hours away from the chaos and enough time to recharge for when the others came home. I cleaned..bagged up boxes and the junk that held the toys in the boxes, and did some dishes. The day isn't over but I will consider it a success anyway...we've gotten to 5pm without any major meltdowns or super hyper giddy behavior. :smile:

    Have a good night!!! :snowman:
  3. DavidWH

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    Back from Residential Treatment Center (RTC)... Hope all had a great Christmas day so far, am sure there are allot of tired parents out there.

    I only got 4 hours with my Justin today, but it was a great 3 hours, we sat in a class room with another 4 boys and their parents (plus one boy who's parents did not come, poor thing I felt real bad for him, but he kept up a good front!)

    I made those crazy sugar cookies yesterday since Justin just hs to have them.. came out much better this time..

    I must say after Sunday visit for the home pass, he even showed more maturity this time.. we just hung out and sat and played cards and talked about whatever came up...

    He showed me all the letters he got since he was placed in Residential Treatment Center (RTC)... adn he asked what my dads middle name was.. and he said, well Daddy.. I am going to name my first Son after you!!!!!!!! I almost died right there... wow what a compliment

    We ate (yukky but hey what do you expect for 5000.00 a month in tuition!! haha)

    Over all it was nice to sit back and just enjoy him again with no plans to go and do this and do that...

    I did not offer to bring grammy I feel bad for it, but I feel I needed it for me

    again MERRY CHRISTMAS to all
  4. Hopeless

    Hopeless ....Hopeful Now

    Well, I am glad those that have posted seem to have had a good day with their difficult children.

    We just got home from taking my difficult child and her boyfriend back to their apartment. They spent almost 4 hours with us and there was no fighting or meltdowns with anyone. I was very pleased. She seemed to enjoy spending time with us and pleased with her gifts.

    Getting ready to have a ham sandwich and get ready for tomorrow. I am off work for this week and my Mom normally takes difficult child to her twice weekly physical therapy sessions, but tomorrow I am going to take difficult child to her appointment.

    Have a good evening all.
  5. DDD

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    :whew: IT'S OVER!!!!!!! :rofl:

    Little difficult child g.d. was dropped off at 6:15 AM. It has been non-stop
    until 5:15. Now the house is quiet. husband and I are having snacks
    for dinner and contemplating bedtime at 7. LOL!

    Santa and relatives bought enough for a five year old hyper kid.
    She actually is as cute as a bug in a rug but holy moley she is
    as hyperactive as her Mom was. She inherited my apetite...boy can she stash it away. We made Christmas cookies this afternoon
    so she went home excited that she could share with her friends on
    her street.

    Wahoo! We got through the day. easy child/difficult child called to talk to his little sister from "his vacation". For a little girl who can't
    remember the words to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer :smile:
    she interrogated him like a CIA agent. "EXACTLY where are you on
    vacation?" "What kind of vacation is is?" "What friends are you
    with?" "Tell me their names". Poor easy child/difficult child. When I took the phone he said "Mama, I had a hard time answering her questions with-o lying to her! I don't EVER want to miss Christmas at home

    His baby sister got to open his presents for him, so she had lots
    to tell him. An above average Christmas here considering the void in our home. Hope everyone got along well. DDD
  6. Marguerite

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    It's good to see you've had some positive experiences. So often, ChristmasDay can make our kids worse, with the change, the tension, the stress.

    We had a good day too. easy child thanked us afterwards for making the long trip to Canberra so they could have a family Christmas. BF1 did just about all the cooking - easy child is a fairly useless cook despite all my efforts - and cooked way too much because that's what his mother always did. They will be leaving Canberra next month to move to Newcastle, so BF1 can be near his mother, who is now too ill and weak to travel to visit them.

    We got to Canberra just after lunch on Christmas Eve. Not too hot, thank goodness. Canberra in summer is Outback temperatures. Dry and unpleasant, usually. But at the moment the area actually has some green! There has been so much rain in the east of Australia. On the way from our hotel to here today (I'm using easy child's computer) we passed a sign giving the daily water use target and the dam levels - 47%, much better than it has been.

    easy child 2/difficult child 2 & BF2 drove down yesterday (Christmas Day)and stayed with easy child & BF1 last night. They are driving back today because they both have to work tomorrow.

    It's late morning here, the others are getting dressed so we can go for a bit of a tourist drive and maybe a walk through the Botanic Gardens, if they're open. There is a rainforest area there which should be sheer heaven in this heat. difficult child 3 & I went for a swim in the hotel pool this morning - a lovely way to wake up. I'm still in my wet swimsuit, just pulled a skirt over it.

    While sitting on the hotel balcony this morning I realised - Canberra is like Teletubby Land! (easy child 2/difficult child 2) reckons I'm crazy). The Teletubby house is our earth-covered Parliament House; the hills are all the same shape (only these aren't so green) and that bit on Teletubbies where they fill up the hills as a CG "lake" for "I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing By" is Lake Burley-Griffin, the man-made lake in the heart of Canberra.

    I've watched too much Teletubbies!

    We're here tonight, then heading back home tomorrow. difficult child 1 is at home, he spent Christmas with girlfriend's family and (according to a text message he sent BF2) he has also acquired a car of his own!

    Yesterday, after we'd opened presents, easy child wanted to do karaoke on a new game she got. She even had difficult child 3 & husband up singing along with her! I'd hoped she could get easy child 2/difficult child 2 up singing, but she was too tired after the long drive (and getting lost). Maybe today, after the park and before they leave...

    Wherever you are, I hope you've enjoying happy family time together. We'll be home in a day and a half, then I've got some serious beach visits to have, with my best friend. At this rate that should be by the weekend, if it's not still raining in Sydney!

  7. klmno

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    Movie is over- it was funny and pleasant. Glad to hear others survived the day as well! This Christmas is over for us now- and no meltdown today- I guess that's how most of us here have come to define a successful day anymore! But, if I can remember to appreciate these days and not take them for granted because surely, every day won't be like this, I'll be a better Mom!! I read posts from parents of difficult child's who are older than mine and honestly sit here saying to myself that mine has already done so many of the same things and worry so much about where he's headed. I'm thankful (VERY THANKFUL) to have this Christmas Day to look back on.
  8. hearts and roses

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    I'm happy for those who had lovely days and those who tried real hard to make a passable day for everyone.

    My day started badly and ended okay I guess.

    Our holiday isn't over yet! We saved our gifts for when difficult child and easy child come home on Thursday. Yippee....NOT.
  9. jannie

    jannie trying to survive....

    No Christmas for us(we celebrated chanukah a few weeks ago) but we've had four long days and nights with minimal activity--except difficult child birthday and birthday party was friday night. 10 boys in our home-thank goodness for christmas lights which allowed basketball in the dark. I am pleased to say that we all survived. Thank goodness for day care tomorrow-- I need at least one day off without the kids. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.
  10. Wiped Out

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    Overall a good day. difficult child had his moments, in fact he was rather surly much of the day but no major meltdowns and he was up at 4:00 this a.m. easy child, however, was actually a easy child for a day-it gives me hope! I also had a great nap, after being up at 4 I really needed it. sister in law and niece came over this afternoon. My dinner turned out delicious. difficult child ended the day on a good note!
  11. mum2JK&TH

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    We had a great day here as well. Our festivites started last night at the in-laws, difficult child was sick but did quite well. This morning they were up at 6:40 with their stockings, woke us up at 7:00 on the dot (we have an agreement that they cannot wake up until 6:30 and they can't wake us up until 7), it worked out well. The kids lists were small so between all of the family, they got it all, I told them when they are smaller they have a better chance of getting what they really want. difficult child had two minor episodes but got over them quickly. He got Guitar Hero III and both easy child and difficult child got Dance, Dance Revolution and my parents, brothers and ourselves spent the evening playing them together, even my dad was dancing.

    It was probably one of the best Christmas' we've had. husband is still playing with his xmas gifts :smile:

    Merry Christmas everyone, sounds like it was pretty good for us all.