so I get to court for difficult child I

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    it is the follow up hearing from 30 days ago when we went due to his repeated tardiness. I expected the worst until the truancy officer tells me he's been doing great? I am thinking to myself (he has?). Apparrantly the new behavior disorder class he's in, is not marking him down late, when he comes in late, which he does 4 out of the 5 days of the week! But I do not have the $ to pay court fines so I kept my mouth shut, at least he is going to school, which is progress comapred to last year!
  2. totoro

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    Hey I would take it! it is a blessing in so many words...
    It does sound like he is doing OK though! :)
  3. gcvmom

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    Maybe you need to quietly thank the teacher for his/her roll call methods! Glad the hearing went well!
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    Glad the hearing went well. Sorry you had to deal with it at all.
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    Sometimes it's best to zip the lip and count the blessings!

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    I guess this is one of those times where the saying "better late than never" is apropo...
  7. Nancy423

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    Like you said, he IS going to school. :D