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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by HaoZi, Nov 4, 2010.

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    from the county asking what I thought about the alternate school kiddo went to to serve her suspension, since the county has to follow-up to prove it's worth funding. They get credit for a day attended at school (instead of an absence that a regular suspension would entail), they do their schoolwork so they don't fall behind, they have to do an essay on why they ended up there and how they could handle it different, and sometimes they do some community service. It's a small classroom (I think there were 6-8 desks) so it's not crowded, and the guy that runs it is an ex-cop I've heard good things about. AND I didn't have to take a day off work because of her suspension. They do have to bring their own lunch, since the "classroom" used to be an office area, but he does have a fridge for cold things.
    She wants to know if I had any concerns, complaints, or suggestions. Being as my kid is fine so long as she does her own work instead working on a group project, she loved this place. Her only complaint was that two items on a list of proper behaviors were a little above her age level, and she pointed those out nicely to him (they were geared towards teens and involved harassment of the opposite gender, she might have been the youngest kid he's ever had there and she was the only girl that day, it was worded fine to me so I let it slide, those guys likely needed that).
    My only suggestion was that there might be other kids like her who land there due to emotional/mood/Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) issues that might not have been recognized, and maybe some training in identifying those kids for IEP screening would be helpful.
    So yeah, I think the county/state/whatever should keep funding it.

    Add on: Saw something on the news recently that Indiana has the 3rd highest amount of students in special education programs, and some of the lowest funding for it in the nation. Hopefully more awareness will help.
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    The alternative school sounds very interesting. I like that they don't make parents take a day off of work because usually that is such a strain and out of school suspensions usually don't do much for our kids.
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    Glad that the alternative school is run well and is not overly punitive. Around here it is not so effective and the time frame is much longer. I've never had a child there (although it was threatened once) but via the grapevine I don't think it stacks up as well as yours. Your input makes sense! DDD
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    There is a long-term alternative school here, but this one is specifically for kids with suspensions that aren't hard-core offenders yet. It's pretty new.
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    that sounds promising and also yea the whole suspend our kids thing. easy child which is truly a difficult child got suspended once she was thrilled beyond belief. now they give her in school suspensions.
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    They had already tried in school suspension, but again because she prefers working alone it was more of a reward for her, she enjoyed it.
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    I didn't realize that county HAD anything like that.....I think I'm impressed!!! I would be curious to know who/what agency runs it if you would like to pm me. I don't "need" the info but as that is my "home" county, I'm just really curious.

    I'm glad it worked out so well but let's hope she doesn't make a habit of it! LOL
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    PM'd you the info, Stang. There's not much on the link and the brochure isn't much longer.