So I popped over the hill on my way home yesterday and saw a huge cloud of black

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  1. Shari

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    smoke billowing above my rooftop. I didn't know my car would go so fast.

    Way back when, difficult child 1 bought a car to fix up. Needed a new transmission. We bought a wrecked car identical to it for the transmission. He never touched either car, so, 8 months ago, I combined the two cars and am driving the result now. Its my $400 car.

    On New Year's Eve, we stayed home because wee difficult child was too wild to take anywhere. Our neighbor kid called about 9:30. He was in a scavenger hunt at church. They needed someone to give them something really big, so he asked if he could have the shell of the wrecked car. Its sitting in the field, waiting for a scrap run, so I said sure. So we loaded it up and he took it to the scavenger hunt. All the participants were late getting back so no one won, and we got the car back the next day. Since it was on the trailer, I thought I'd just take it to scrap.

    That car is cursed.

    We took it Monday. Scrap yard was closed.

    I took it to the scrap yard Tuesday. My license is expired (and they won't take my original birth certificate - "its too old and ratty"- so I can't get it renewed til I get a new one, which came in the mail yesterday). The irony of this is that so far, the cops and the feds are the only ones who don't care. I've been pulled over with it and bought 3 guns with it with no problems. But I can't return anything to Walmart or scrap a junk car with it.

    So then husband took it to scrap. He forgot to take the title. So he had to take it home.

    Yesterday, easy child 1 took it. He went to a different scrap yard close to where he works. There's no hole in the gas tank, so they wouldn't take it. (they did have to inspect it for dead bodies tho!) So he brought it home.

    So he and husband decided they'd put a hole in the gas tank. Surely, after 4 years with no gas cap, the tank would be mostly empty. They lifted the car up off the trailer with the bale spike on the tractor. They ran the claw end of a hammer into the gas thank, then hooked it to my truck with a log chain, and ripped a hole in the tank.

    The evaporation theory? Not so accurate.

    At least 10 gallons poured out into the driveway. Then my darling men decided they would clean it up by burning it off, so they lit it. Thus the black billowing smoke they were standing there looking at as I came frantically home, thinking my house was burning down. I finally suggested, being it was daylight and all, they might not want this fire called in, so they got the hose and got it put out.

    Sometimes they just amaze me! lol

    So anyway, long story, sorry...but its been kinda funny.

    The car went to scrap again today. They took it. I might have gotten enough out of it to pay for half the gas it took to finally get it there...
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    Too funny!!! I almost blew diet coke out my nose!!
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    That poor car finally found a home.
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    That is so typical, isn't it. Running in circles until you get dizzy. Men, the solutions they come up with to a simple problem just make me scratch my head!
  6. Mayapple5

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    And they couldn'd find something to put under that gas running on the ground? gosh with the price of gas these days, you coulda used that in your car!! :ninja: This was just too funny!! Men! Can't live with 'em and live without 'em!
  7. Big Bad Kitty

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    Oh my LAWD!
  8. WhymeMom?

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    Ah, I just love a good convoluted story...... I thought you were going to say they shot a hole in the gas tank and it blew up......... ah well, could have been an optional ending......thanks for the laughs......
  9. gcvmom

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    I swear, life is stranger than fiction, to be sure! :rofl:

    You need to write a book of short stories from your life -- and make them into a movie :D
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  11. Shari

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    That car was a fighter... lol

    Shooting the gas tank, I'm glad they didn't think of it. I'm sure they would have. Probably would have blown up my new 6-shooters in the process.

    The gas was terribly varnished - it wasn't usable in other vehicles. In their defense, they DID grab a bucket. The little 2 gallon bucket, tho, didn't do much good...

    A book had been suggested. My whole life seems to be comprised of ridiculous short stories like this. It cracks me up, tho (if I didn't laugh, I'd cry). Always glad to share a smile.
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    Ha! I was about to ask you if you've ever read the old Stephen King story, "Christine"!

    You're much braver than I am ... if I ever saw smoke coming from my own house, I'd probably pass out before I could get there! I drive down 20 miles of winding state road on my way home and if I ever even see smoke way off in the distance, miles away, I'm just sure that it's coming from my house!
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    Sounds to me like a typical male solution...something Hubby would think of!
  14. hearts and roses

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    Hysterical! Also scratching my head at the way men think - ;)
  15. Star*

    Star* call 911

    and.................I thought this was a "just YOU Star" world......OMG I am still laughing.

    -THERE! ThERE is your video for AFV for The $10,000 grand prize.......

    and you didn't think they were bread winners.......pshaw:surprise: